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Trout Lake (Mt. Adams), WA

Sighted on Sunday 01. September 2002
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 1 minute

((NUFORC Note: Our gratitude to Eric Byler of Oregon UFO Review for submitting the following data. PD))Triangle formations over Washington and Oregon checked against satellite data...OUFOR.Two team members/investigators for Oregon UFO Research, a husband and wife team, were staying at James Gillilands Sattva Sanctuary over the Labor Day weekend as they frequently do to skywatch near the base of Mt Adams in Trout Lake Washington. Steven Greers group (Disclosure Project) was there on their first night of skywatching during their week long stay in the area for their paid conference. Mr. Greer was not there at the time and was to arrive a few days later. The husband and wife were approximately 150 yards east of the Greer group for their skywatch along the driveway from the main road into the house.A few minutes after 11:00 p.m. they heard several people in the Greer group to their left shouting in an excited fashion for several seconds. Wondering what the shouting was about they both searched the sky to see what they were looking at. The wife saw it first and it was a triangle. The form was an uneven elongated triangle with one of the trailing lights ahead of its counterpart. The Brightness was dim but was readily discernible as moving together in formation. The husband hastily got out his camcorder and tried to video the object. He could see it in his camera and, after a few seconds, it made a banking turn and headed back the same direction that it came from. Approximately three seconds after it had made the turn, all three lights faded out together. Throughout the whole sighting the three lights stayed in formation and kept the same brilliance. Here is a computer rendition of that sighting by team member Cameron Johnson in the modeling department...http://www.oregonuforeview.com/MTADAMS.jpg It was headed from north to south and after the turn it headed back the way it came and rapidly went out. The weather was clear and there are no streetlights in the area. The milky way was readily visible. There was no moon. Everyone who was outside skywatching saw the object or formation...over 15 people. There was no object visible within the lights as they were not markers. There was no sound, or visible trails from it. Its size was about half a hand at arms length. Bill and Ferne were facing north when they saw it and it was directly overhead. There were no obstructions and they report having an excellent view.This is a substantial sighting and team members ((three names deleted)) will be getting together with the witnesses soon to fill out a detailed report form and gather any further information available.Friday, September 6th update...We have recieved NOSS Triad Satellite information for the evening of the sighting and, if in fact these times are correct, indicate that this sighting WAS NOT not satellites.However, at 11:30, a half hour later, another report was submitted from Clackamas, Oregon. The witness writes... "At 11:30 p.m., I observed three objects traveling from the NW to SE at satellite speed. The objects were as bright as the brightest star. They formed a triangle, one flying directly behind the lead object at some distance (close enough to be considered flying together). The third object was about 45 degrees from the tailing object, closer in the formation, that is between the lead object and its' trailer. The objects were observed both with the naked eye and through 10X50 binoculars. Duration of observation was about 20 seconds, then the objects disappeared after flying directly overhead. This may have been a result of the reflection from the sun being out of reflective range." The same NOSS triad satellite information for the evening of this sighting shows that this may well be NOSS triad satellites.Date Mag Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az. Time Alt. Az.NOSS 2-3D 01 Sep 6.0 23:21:38 10 NW 23:28:51 75 NE 23:28:58 75 ENE NOSS 2-3C 01 Sep 6.0 23:21:39 10 NW 23:28:55 76 NE 23:29:04 75 ENE NOSS 2-3E 01 Sep 6.0 23:21:43 10 NW 23:28:57 75 NE 23:29:05 75 ENE As you can see here, the time and directions of the satellites match as well as the fact that they disappeared when overhead, which is well shown in the image found here...http://www.oregonuforeview.com/noss.jpg Preliminary findings from the sightings from Sunday September 1st, 2002...The sighting from Mt. Adams Washington appears to be an authentic unknown triangle formation as seen at 11pm, while a similar sighting over Clackamas Oregon at 11:30 appears to be NOSS triad satellites. Both sighting findings were based on satellite tracking information.Eric Byler - assistant director, Oregon UFO Research.Editor - Oregon UFO Review.http://www.oregonuforeview.com


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