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Franklin, TX

Sighted on Friday 15. February 2002
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 1 min

Bright Light No Sound Above Tree TopsIt was a very clear night Feb-March, 2002 about 10:00 at night when the dogs were barking loudly. I opened the back door and was talking with them about making so much noise when I saw a bright light coming towards me (from north to south) and as it reached me to my right and passed me at just above the tree tops there was absolutely no sound and it was a bright very large light without a trail that cut through the sky ever so smoothly, and because of prior snake bite and being barefooted, I did not step out in the yard but ran through the house and out the front door and it was gone so i did not see which way it went. It was moving fast. There were no leaves on the trees yet so i had a good view as it came toward me appearing through the trees and then as it came closer it was obviously above the trees. Do not use my name as i didnt report it for fear of ridicule.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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