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Union, MI

Sighted on Tuesday 22. January 2002
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration: 10 minutes

Two stars ascend on and follow two young men for seven milesLeaving my home in Union,MI on Jan.22 2002 on the same dead end street I have lived on for more than 20 years ,and drove down every day since I could drive.A close friend ,and I were approaching the first stop sign out of my home when we both noticed two strange lights above some trees about 500 yards away from us.The first thing that came out of my mouth was what is that!That was never there before.Two lights amber in color one sitting slightly above the other.We continued through the intersection over a small hill and down next to a lake.Now we could see very clearly.At this point the objects were about 150 feet in the air <and about 200 yards in front of us.We slowly came to a stop <and I rolled down my window to stick my head out.As soon as I did so the objects moved straight down in front of us.They were about 30 feet in front of us ,and about 20 feet in the air.They looked just like two stars.They were both about as large as a car.They were amber in color,and made no noise.We began to panic.My friend began franticly asking me what we should do.He backed up ,and turned around.We started back the way we came.The objects got behind us ,and started to follow.We reached the intersection we had just come through.My friend kept asking me what we should do.I said call your mom.He said in so many words we should go where there are people.If we turn left theres just more country.If we go straight we go down the same dead end street we just came from.If we turn right we go to town.We turned right.When we turned the objects got along side of us and kept following us.We went about half amile when my friend hit the gas.As we sped up so did they.It was like they knew what we were going to do before we did.When we sped up the situation became horrifing.It was like they were chasing us.So we slowed back down.As we slowed so did the objects.Still in the same position they were in.Right next to each other,and one slightly above the other.We continued another mile or so,and followed a curve to the left.They got behind us again,but this time they dropped to just above the road.Another quater mile ,and the road curved right.They got back on the passenger side ,and continued following.I was in the passenger seat,and never took my eyes of them.We could see the lights of the small town in front of us.About three miles before we cross the bridge that leads there.Then the objects began to move.The one on the left slowed down,and the one on the right circled above it ,and they started backing up into the sky.As we got closer to town they got farther,and farther away.Then they both stopped ,and they were stars.

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