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Summit Lake Exit, Hwy 42, OR

Sighted on Saturday 26. October 2002
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 10 minutes

Huge bright hovering object.What I saw; On October 26, 2008 between 18:30 & 19:00 while returning from a hunting trip on Mt. Hood, in Oregon, traveling East on highway 42 near the Summit Lake exit my brother and I saw a light. I ask my brother if he could see the light, he said yes.At first we thought it was car lights, the reason we thought it was car lights was we were a little higher than the lights, as we started to moved down the hill. My brother said that it was way to big to be car lights & we noticed that it was stationary (Hovering), we continued to move down the hill and the stationary object became higher than us. My brother sped up to try and get closer to get a better look at it. We were no longer able to see it.The object was really huge, I would guess about a half mile across. I couldn’t believe something that big could be just sitting in the air like that.From mid body up was all brightly lit with a stark white light. I could also make out what looked to be windows around the middle. There was a bubble dome on the top also emitting light.

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