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Avon Park, FL

Sighted on Thursday 04. December 2008
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 7

Triangle craft at standstill looks like star from distance as to blend in and then flies over house, Avon Park, FlTo explain in words I will do my best. Around 04:45 this morning, I let the dog out in the backyard and saw this very bright star. That was my original thought, that it was just a very bright star. It somehow grabbed my attention, obviously, or I would not be writing this. This is a small town and very dark at night to where you can always see stars in the night sky, any given night, so that is normal, and yes some “stars” appear to flicker as this had seemed to do but in retrospect to the others around it from a “distance” appeared as looking as a star. It appeared to look that far away, so I thought. So I just could not stop watching it...and then, I could not believe what I was seeing. It began moving up and to the right REAL slow, I mean REAL slow and a trail of white light came from behind it and in its appearance it still remained as to look as a star would as it moved up and to the right. I was thinking to myself, I hear no chopper blades, so it can not be a chopper. I was trying to equate logic to what I was seeing while watching it. The fact that it was moving that slow is what really shocked me about it. So I had to see what this thing was, It was cold as I stood there from inside with the back door open, and had no shirt on and ran to the couch to put it on. Why is this important, well because of this I did not see it “turn” towards the direction of my house and then when I came back it was flying over the house at a slow speed. A speed to me that if a plane was moving that slow it would not have the propulsion to really fly. It was in the shape of a triangle. It made no noise whatsoever and it was so smooth as it was moving. It was like a bird, slow and just gliding through the sky. There was a BRIGHT white light on the left of the triangle, in the middle there was a small BRIGHT white light which blinked only white in sequence and on the right there was a HUGE flashing BRITE white light. And then as it passed over I ran to the front of the House to watch it out the big bay w! indow an d I saw it fly off into the distance through the darkened clouds and it was gone. Then I recorded my description in audio on my cell phone, and then I went outside into the backyard again replaying what I had just seen. Then I hear and see a small plane off in the distance about the same height this triangle was and I was thankful, because I could hear it, I saw the red light blinking light on it and I could analytically without question differentiate the attributes of both the triangle craft and the plane. There was no red blinking light on the triangle craft and as I stated before NO noise. I am still in a shock status here and I am hoping that someone else here in this area saw this thing and can confirm it.Shalom

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