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Virginia Beach, Virginia (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 30. November 2002
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

There was a group of three lights, first seen at about ��� mile distance while I was riding in my best friend���s car in the passenger side. These lights were over my neighborhood when seen and my ride back home to my residence took me and my best friend, the driver, right to where this UFO was at. The lights first looked as if they were a plane coming in to land at the local naval air station, NAS Oceana, but there were no flashing lights and only a cluster of solid white colored lights. When we arrived at the location of the UFO, above Amethyst Circle, I realized that the UFO was so low that the pine tree in the yard of the two-story house just to our right front had blocked it from our view when we tried to pull up slowly to get a better look at it due to our low profile to the ground, where if standing or walking, we could have gotten closer before this blocking of our view of the UFO. So, I told my friend to stop the car and we waited for the object to emerge from atop/behind the cover of the pine tree, which was probably just a little higher than the top of the two-story home next to it. My first thought was that the UFO was a helicopter, with how low it was to the ground, but there was no audible sound. The UFO took approximately several seconds, five to fifteen, to emerge from behind the not-extremely large, but good-size pine tree for a residential area. When the UFO became visible again, I could clearly see three white lights in a triangular formation, approximately three stories off of the ground, with no structure visible whatsoever, as this night in particular had what I can only describe as a completely black sky, with winds gusting up to 25 to 50 mph, as it had rained earlier in the morning before the sighting. The lights of the UFO, with the glare included, I would estimate to have been at most the size of half the width of a standard, inexpensive, capped pen held at arms length. I would also state that the glare produced by the lights did not present a clear shape or outline, other than being able to conclude that there was a round point of light visible in the night sky, versus being able to see a square or oval shape and glare, for example. I would also estimate that the brightness of the lights of the UFO to have been equal to that of a standard aircraft���s white lights, when viewed under dark sky conditions at close or distant range, given how I originally thought that this UFO was a larger aircraft in a landing pattern for Naval Air Station Oceana. The UFO was traveling at most, 1 to 3 mph, with the size of the triangle of lights estimated to be between one to two times the size of a Navy jet-fighter, which I have seen fly over me at close range on numerous occasions. The UFO was also traveling in a completely level flight pattern, in a straight line, parallel to the street we were on, Topaz Lane, coming toward us and the direction we came from. It took approximately 30 to 45 seconds for the UFO to reach a position where it was nearly overhead of my friend���s car, just to the right of me, causing us to stretch our necks to look at it. At this point I opened the passenger side car door and was about to get out to stand to look at the UFO, but as soon as I did this, the UFO began to make a 90 degree left turn, as I could see the triangular formation of lights begin to turn, just like as someone would say, turning on a dime, but there was no curved flight travel of the UFO as it made the turn, the light formation seemed to just ���swivel��� in order to make a 90 degree left turn. As the UFO turned, it emitted the most haunting sound I have ever heard, which I found most disturbing, as it was not like the scream of a jet engine or any type of aircraft or engine noise I have ever heard, but it was more like a chorus of human screams alternating in tone, pitch and frequency with the sound seeming like it was almost machine-like at the same time. This noise was very loud, but not as deafening as a jet flying that low, however, it was still quite audible, as we had rolled down our windows to be able to try and hear what it was when we first saw the UFO. The UFO continued on the path of the 90 degree turn it had just made and passed over a home in Amethyst Circle, to our right, with no alterations in its heading, disappearing from our sight. It seemed that the UFO almost picked up speed by about 1 to 2 mph after it had turned, but this could have been a trick of the perspective of my view changing. The noise from the UFO continued until it was out of view. My friend and I attempted to pursue the object in his car, but to no avail, as it seemed to have indeed picked up speed or made a course change after we had lost sight of it. The UFO passed the distance of left to right from either side of Amethyst circle, a court, with about five to six houses in it, all with modest size yards, passing from overhead of the yard on the left side opening of the court when facing it, to above the yard on the right side opening of the court when facing it and then traveled the depth of Amethyst Circle when the UFO turned and then disappeared over a house on the back edge of the court when one faces it. Many months after the sighting, I started driving past Amethyst Circle slowly every time that I could, as it was on my way home to my residence and I finally realized that the house on the back side of where I saw the UFO disappear overhead had a pine tree in the backyard, which appeared to have had the very top of it broken off to leave a bare section of the top of the tree trunk visible along with the broken edge at the very top and this being visible without me having to turn into the court to view the tree damage. I would estimate this pine tree to be about the same height of the other pine tree which had impeded our view of the UFO, after the top had been broken off, making it about three stories high. This damage was visible until I moved from that residence in 2006 and since then, the top of the pine tree has re-grown foliage. The damage to the pine tree could have been caused by a nor���easter or one of the near miss hurricanes or tropical storms that frequent the east coast of Virginia, but I strongly felt it to be a confirmation that there was a solid structure to the triangular formation of lights, which both myself and my best friend witnessed in early 2003. I can only surmise that there was a structure to this UFO, between and perhaps extending outward from the triangular formation of three white lights, which was invisible to both my friend and me due to the very dark black sky conditions that night. There was no fog or precipitation at the time of our sighting, only gusting winds. See inlcuded digital photos that show an artificial approximation of the different locations and lights of the object.


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