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Sequim, Washington (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 04. December 2008
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Shape: Disc, Star-like, Other | Duration: Undisclosed

At approximately 10:30 pm (2230 hours) local time on Thursday, 4 December the two of us were outside in the backyard smoking cigarettes and sky watching. It was a clear night with moderate cloud cover, no fog, no visible stars or planets or the moon. We observed a massive series of twinkling lights in the sky displaying non-ballistic movement. Estimated 30,000 feet, constant, stationery, east by southeast for approximately 5 minutes. The light became much brighter with additional colors around the center. The lights started pulsing in and out and grew gradually dimmer then faded to nothing. The lights on the object pulsed twice. At that time a northbound commercial airliner passed approximately 5,00 feet below the object but the object disappeared (the lights pulsed and faded out) before the airliner crossed into its line of sight. The male felt a heavy hum with numbness in his chest. We both felt electric; as if a thick static charge had permeated our bodies. We then went into the house.We have 3 cats and one dog. The youngest female cat (age 2 ���) was very alert and agitated. One of the male cats was unusually bugged eyed. The other male cat and dog slept through the entire events. At approximately 10:50 pm the whole house seemed as if it was buzzing and we sensed a presence and felt something was in the house. We continued to feel the static charge on our bodies. We noticed small disturbances within our one story house. Lamps were moved, lights turned on and items on flat surfaces were slightly moved by unseen forces. At the same time we experienced a ���brown out��� in the bedroom. Power dimmed but did not fail. Also in our bedroom we felt a difference in temperature where the heat had been on at 70 degrees; it was now approximately 40 degrees and the thermostat still set to 70 degrees. The female cat continued to be agitated and followed us as we walked through the house. At approximately 11:15 pm we sat on the couch in the living room trying to comprehend what we had seen and experienced. At that time we both heard a LOUD whooshing, rumbling, sound; like we were next to a freight train or in a wind tunnel. This rushing noise lasted about 7or 8 seconds. The female saw numerous sparkly crystal shapes in the backyard and felt drawn to them yet scared of them at the same time. The female mentioned that for the last 25-30 minutes she felt if a nail file had been driven into the top of her right foot and that the sole of her foot was hot and heavy with static electricity. When the female removed the sock on her right foot you could see 3 small triangular puncture marks. An hour later at 12:15 am when the female again took of her sock there was what appeared to be a 1 inch long laser burn by her big toe. When we tried to take numerous digital photos of the female���s injury the camera would not focus on the areas in question. The female cat STILL continued to be agitated and wanted to be held and petted by each of us. At 12 midnight, now Friday, 5 December we began preparations to go to sleep. We woke up our dog to let him outside to the backyard for ���his business���. We really had to rouse him; he would not wake up which is unusual. When we finally woke him up our dog WOULD NOT go outside to the backyard where we saw the object/event. Our dog ALWAYS AND ONLY goes out the back door for ���his business���. Our dog balked at the back door and was not going outside. Only with guidance, perseverance and escorted by both of us he went out and did ���his business��� in record time without any sniffing. After our dog finished he quickly RAN inside the house and crawled back in his bed. At 1215 am, we began to get undressed to shower and go to bed. When the male took of his t-shirt we noticed a MASSIVE, non-allergenic, non-linear, eruptive rash. The rash was similar to sunburn or gamma exposure. We have exceptional digital photos of the rash/burns. The rash/burns feel fine to the male and he is not in pain but the damaged skin is warm to the touch. It appears that he spent a good part of the day out in the desert. It is now 2:00 am and it feels as if the house is full of ghosts. We can sense that a presence was in our home, in the adjoining garage and in the backyard. The animals have finally relaxed and gone to bed but we are still quite keyed up and unable to go to sleep. We would like to talk to someone at MUFON about our experience but don���t know what to do. This is not the first time either of us have seen objects in the sky but we this is first full on contact experience that we have EVER, EVER HAD. We don���t want publicity we just want guidance and help to point us in the right direrction to help us cope with this experience. Two Freakin��� Traumatized People in Sequim, Washington

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