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Statesboro, Georgia (United States)

Sighted on Monday 29. December 2008
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Shape: Chevron, Circle, Disc, Sphere, Square, Rectagular, Star-like, Triangle | Duration: 12:00:00

On the evening of December 29, 2008 I was at my brothers apartment for the weekend along with my girlfriend. I had the first sighting about 8:00pm when I thought a police helicopter was coming over someone���s house we were parked in front of, my girlfriend was inside , my feet were propped up on the dash of the truck, and I saw the lights coming over the house. I got out the truck to get a better look, there was no noise from this light. I noticed there were two of them. Suddenly they zoomed close as if going 1,200 mph and froze within several hundred feet ahead, and about one hundred feet above me. They had spot lights, windows, and bright. We got anxious, and left after my girlfriend saw them. Later on that night at my brothers I began looking out the window, and found those glowing colorful lights as in the account recently posted on this site. We watched lights all night long. There were sparkles in the distance, there were red amber contrails passing right ahead of the house as if a huge glowing comet flew by, only inside the head it was shaped like a disk, but nothing there as if invisible, then was gone in a blink. We got in the car, and went to the river where it was very dark, away from the city lights. We watched many bright lights move, they look almost like stars. One especially we watched bob up and down, and all around behind the trees. We decided to leave, and the light followed us home. At this point we began flashing our car lights at the object and it responded with bright colors. After about 6:00am we saw a saucer object pass directly over our car, it had no lights on and disappeared in the distance, it made no noise. Another object saucer shaped passed over the house at about 85 feet up in the sky, we hung out the dormer window and watched delta shaped lights blink from the back to front in repetition, it made no sound, and sped away very fast. There were lights everywhere that night, things that us three will never be able to fully understand, or explain. The last sighting was at about 7:30am, we were all upstairs, my brother peeking out of the dormer window looking for anything else. The sun was up by this time. He looked left ( due North) and said, ���what the hell is that?���. I looked out and saw a saucer wobbling, and hovering above the trees. We told my girlfriend to get up and look, and when she hung her head out, and saw it she closed her eyes and looked straight ahead stating that she didn���t want to see anymore, she had seen enough, she was scared, and at disbelief. Me, and my brother continued to watch it though. It was silver, about 80 feet across, had two lights blinking on the top, orange, and red. The saucer wobbled as it moved, the outer part spinning as the center part was stationary. It moved up and down over the trees, and didn���t make a noise, it was approximately 300 yards away. The whole time it moved we heard shotguns going off, people were shooting at it, as hunting season is still in right now in Statesboro. I estimate we heard gunshots non-stop for four whole minutes, they were either scared, or upset people, it sounded like a war zone. It finally vanished bobbing up, and down over the trees, at very low altitude, We don���t know where it went from there. The gunshots stopped and no one saw it again after it hit a open area (?), dipped down, and shot up at a high rate of speed is my guess, it was dead quiet after all this passed. We saw some triangle shaped objects the next night and some other strange lights, but nothing like Monday night, Tuesday morning. I���ve always believed in ufo���s and the fact we are not alone, but my girlfriend didn���t. She believes now, and doesn���t look at me crazy anymore. I���ll never forget that night. We keep our eyes to the stars now, they might not really be stars. I can���t fully explain the sights, and emotions we all felt, to really know, to see, the questions left in your head, feeling like you���re crazy. We weren���t drinking or high. You almost want to suppress it in your mind, it���s too much all at once.

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