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Hancock, Maryland (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 10. November 2002
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Shape: Disc | Duration: Undisclosed

I was coming down a mountain on I-68 east bound in MD. at approx. 3A.M early Nov. of 2002. In the distance I saw 4 white lights decending from the sky that I perceived to be a large aircraft with the landing lights on. Being familiar with that area, I could not think of an airport around there that could handle a plane of that size and was very curious as to where it was going to land. Keeping in mind that this was not too far nautically (50 mi.+-) from Washington D.C. I thought maybe it was military, and there was a base/airfield nearby that I was'nt aware of. I lost sight of it due to the road being cut through the mountain,and the trees that grow along that stretch. About 2 min. passed and I was coming to the jct. of I-68 and I-70 in Hancock,MD. when those lights came back into view, only now I could clearly see that it was a large disk shaped object hovering over a hill just north of I-70. It was no more than 50 ft. above the trees and standing still. Absolutely huge. Brownish/grey in color. The white lights that I had seen were on the edge of it, contured to the edge much like those of an aircraft. I could make out what I can only describe as portals here and there on it, no real pattern to them, and no light emitting from them. I could also see the overlapping "seams" where the metal that it was made from joined each other, along with a very short(from my vantage point) "L" shaped pipe coming from it. I had just a few sec. earlier told myself to observe everything that I could about it, because "you ain't never going to see anything like this again." As I was now directly in front of it, and at the closest point with out it being hidden by tree tops, I could see that in the center of it was a cicular part that looked to be of a translucent material that was turning orange,redish,and yellow/orange. With out stopping,I watched it until I had passed it completely. May I mention that I am a long distance truck driver and I was in my truck at the time. Traffic was very light, and what ever traffic there was going west bound would probably not have seen it given the incline of the hill and their closeness to the hill. A few miles later, as I was coming up on I-81 jct.,I heard on the C.B., another truck driver, obviously going east, ask for a west bounder.(for a"bear" report). I picked up my mic and asked for that truck going east and where he was. As I thought, he was a few miles behind me, so I asked him had he seen that thing above the hill at the 68/70 jct. He said "Did that look like a UFO to you, driver?" I said it sure did. He said "No I did'nt see it, but my Wife did, I was busy looking at that cop on the side of the road standing outside of his car". So somewhere out there, there is a truck driver and his wife, and an officer of the law that can vouch for my story. May I stress that I do not take drugs of any sort, I don't drink, and I was'nt tired. And also, it was a pleasure relating this to someone other than my Wife and family. Thank you.

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