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Baton Rouge, Louisiana (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 14. November 2002
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:06:00

As I walked outside late Friday night to smoke a cigarette, I noticed a sphere shaped object with many different color lights hovering about 500 feet from the ground and maybe a quarter mile from me . Looking at something I've never seen it grabbed my attention . As I stood there to observe it and try to come up with an explanation as to what it could of been,I was soon convinced that it was very different from the planes and such that I normally see since the airport is about a mile from where I stayed.As the object hovered in one spot and its different color lights were flashing it quickly moved in a weird pattern covering about a half a mile in less than a second then stopping like it hit a wall and continued to make this weird pattern of flight for about 20 seconds then it slows down almost coming back to where I originally spotted it.I never heard anything from it. As it slowed down hovering but moving very slow it started heading to my right and away from me. it started to move behind the neighbors pine trees across the street to where I started walking to my left so that I could see it clearly again . When I moved enough to my left to get a full view again it quickly comes back to where I first spotted it except it was a little closer to me this time.I almost felt as if it seen me and was making it clear it seen me as well when it came back from behind the trees and right back in the same place I originally seen it but closer to me that had me on fairs,so hearing stories of abductions and etc.I quickly went back inside where I looked out the window from inside and got to see it head south east very very quickly.The whole incident had deffenitiy spooked me as every hair on my body had stood up as I felt overwhelmed by what I had just witnessed.Almost a year later I saw a very bright light which seemed to be coming from the woods behind my house but this time I only seen a light . However there is an airport not far at all from my UFO sighting .The only thing that didn't make sense a year later was that I know airports have a bunch of lights but the one I saw ,I've never seen a light that bright and in that section of the woods .

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