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Scotland, Maryland (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 20. June 2002
Reported on
Shape: Square, Rectangular | Duration: Undisclosed

it was early morning 2:30 am, very dark i was on a fishing pier, fishing. The fishing pier is well lit so it is difficult to see anything beyond the pier. I was standing on the southern end of the pier were it was less lit, all the lights are on the north side of the pier. I was standing there looking at the stars facing east and i noticed the stars started to disappear.I enjoy looking at stars and thought it was very strange they were disappearing like a black curtain was being pulled across the sky. i put my hand up to block the light from the north end of the pier, as i did i noticed, the only way to describe it, was what looked like very large wooden planks that were a rustic color that were horizontal to my position. the pier over looks the Chesapeake bay there is no visible shore lines its like looking out at an ocean. The entire sky was covered by this craft that looked similar to the bottom of a very large wooden rustic flat bottom boat traveling side ways. it covered the sky from as far as i could see north and south and was half the size from east to west. I watched it rise from the horizon in the east and as it pasted over head i turned around and watched it disappear to the west never changing speed i almost felt if i jumped up i could almost touch it, it looked that close, it took about 4 minutes from horizon to horizon no sound at all. There were four other people on the north side of the pier but the lights are so bright on that side you cant even see the stars, i felt i had to call someone over to see what i was seeing but i felt frozen and confused. I have no idea of how high up the craft was i just know it filled the sky, i have a very difficult time trying to rationalize what i saw how can anything so large be in the sky . .

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