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Birmingham, Alabama (United States)

Sighted on Monday 14. January 2002
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

My ex-husband and I were going to play pool in southside area. As I was driving I noticed very bright light in the sky coming towards Birmingham International airport on interstate I-59 south. I assumed just a plane or helicopter but has we passed the airport and came closer to our exit I then noticed it hovering over our exit. I stopped in middle of interstate in the right lane of interstate and turned on my flashers on and turned off my radio. I then rolled down my driver side window and pulled my head out and looked up and it was so CLOSE above us. There was no wind or noise. I then opened my door and had my left foot on the pavement and left side of my body out of the car and to observe better view than trying to look out my windshield as was when first stopped the car. So I am half way out of the car with left side of my body and I look up and the white lights were SO bright I could barely see the object outline. There were 3 white bright lights in triangle formation with a bright red light in the middle. There was no noise or down draft or wind, nothing was moving. It was just hovering there. I then decided to get off the exit, but not the one we were suppose take. The exit was a short sharp turn to the right. This exit was exactly next to where I had stopped on the interstate (paralle). The outline of what I saw of othe object while on the interstate was black I believe from what I could tell through the bright white lights. As I stated the exit I took was right next to where I stopped on the freeway. I looked up and it was completely gone. I did not see or hear it leave (no noise during entire encounter). It only took less than 5 seconds to take this exit from the freeway and make the sharp right turn off the freeway. My ex-husband thought it was a helicopter but did agree with exactly what I saw in my description and felt some helicopters do not make any noise. He did agree with hovering, no noise or wind. I suppose he wanted to rationalize what he had seen. However for me I know it was not a helicopter because it was hovering above us so close to the roof of the car with no wind. A helicopter could be quite(I do not know for sure) but it would have to still made some type of wind. This is why I really believe it was not a "no" noise helicopter. If possible please send me something I can draw the freeway, the exit I was suppose to take and the actual exit I used so you can see exact picture of what is in my memory forever.

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