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An alien statue from Cyprus!

Published on Thursday 22. March 2018 , by

An ancient statue from Cyprus (an island country in the Eastern Metiterranean Sea), shows us an extraterrestrial being...

The strange ancient statuette, from the late Bronze Age (1600 - 1100 BC), was discovered in Cyprus island and (today) is located in the Karlsruhe Museum in Germany. The shape of the face, the big eyes, the strange nose, the long neck, the four fingers in each hand, and the strange attire, testify to an extraterrestrial origin.
Observing the statuette, even more, reminds us the extraterrestrial creature from the American 1982 science fiction film ''ET the Extra-Terrestrial'', directed by Steven Spielberg... (?). Strange coincidence or Spielberg knew things that no one knew in 1982 ?

Source: https://ufotruth-gr.blogspot.gr/2010/09/blog-post_11.html

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