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Unusual craft in the daylight sky over Plymouth.

Published on Saturday 24. June 2017

Last week, during the heatwave in the Plymouth, I noticed two unusual looking craft on separate days. The first sighting saw an usual looking craft heading north, the second sighting was two days later and saw another unusual looking craft heading east.

They did not look like planes in the sense of the word and they both moved across the sky fairly quickly, albeit with a very slight shudder as they made their way in the directions they were on. They were white in colour with a black middle ans cigar like shaped.. There was no chem trail or other aviation gases emitting from the back of the craft and there was no noise from either.

They are on the Moon

Published on Friday 02. June 2017

I believe they have choosen a few human to watch-out of curiosity.

Unexplained Sightings In Western Maine

Published on Tuesday 04. April 2017

Here are a few unexplained phenomena's that I cant explain nor have I been able to find any answer through the web that would give me a definitive explanation for the things I have been seeing and hearing.

UFO footage from Greek CCTV store camera, 2011.

Published on Thursday 30. March 2017

Stelios from Greece captured this amazing UFO footage from his CCTV camera from his shop (somewhere in Greece, perhaps a resort that operates only during summer months).


The best Greek UFO captures (1940-2014).

Published on Thursday 30. March 2017

Have you seen the best 30 UFO all time captures from Greece? It is time to see them, all together. Are you ready?