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A Bit To Close

Published on Thursday 14. December 2017

We saw them and they saw us!


Published on Saturday 14. October 2017

Last night I saw a UFO about 500ft away. It was detailed and the lights absolutely brilliant but there was no light pollution from the engines that it seemed. 

UFO, are they

Published on Monday 17. July 2017

This is about UFO and the mystery surrounding them

When I was ten years of age I saw a tall chap dressed in a purple suite walk around my bed I told my parents who said I was dreaming 

From a very early age I made my own radios and vacuum tubes and began on propulsion system. years later I took my fusion propulsion system to the then science minister lord Sainsbury who reverd me to DERA defence evaluation research agency

Who  I had contact with many times but they decided not to keep me in the picture 

My propulsion system was built in a project x shed DERA had six, but built a seventh with my name above it I was given the highest security x number so Americans could not pick me up.

Moving on DERA strangely advised me to pattent and that is where I saw the chap in my dream the pattent advisor he was wearing the same metalic purple suite the same face every thing 

Their is quite a lot more and I will describe fusion and a 300ft black triangle craft 300ft above my head for an hour and a half, and more.

UFO over Brummana

Published on Sunday 09. July 2017

2006 war UFO over Brummana, Lebanon

Unusual craft in the daylight sky over Plymouth.

Published on Saturday 24. June 2017

Last week, during the heatwave in the Plymouth, I noticed two unusual looking craft on separate days. The first sighting saw an usual looking craft heading north, the second sighting was two days later and saw another unusual looking craft heading east.

They did not look like planes in the sense of the word and they both moved across the sky fairly quickly, albeit with a very slight shudder as they made their way in the directions they were on. They were white in colour with a black middle ans cigar like shaped.. There was no chem trail or other aviation gases emitting from the back of the craft and there was no noise from either.