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Published on Monday 16. April 2018

The Lights in the Sky are real and may not be so friendly?   Advanced civilizations would view us as dummies, but may have a use for some who are awake or trying to awake? Sissy, my gifted psychic sister, gave us the ET message back in the 1960's (sharing below).  No one wants to hear we're doomed including me a la many are called but few are chosen.........

READ MORE:  www.ozarkangel.com (sorry I can't find Link button).

Napa Valley Rebobs and Other California Cryptids

Published on Saturday 31. March 2018

By Stephanie Small, Art by Stephanie Small

Winged Monkeys are called Rebobs in Napa. Local Lakes like Hennessy and Clearlake are said to be inhabited by lake monsters. There have been bigfoot sightings in Calistoga! There are even places said to be haunted.

In Napa, there is a place where the youth loathe to go. Deep within the oldest, most overgrown forest is a one-lane road. It is said this is where a curse is said to be. It is also said there are flying monsters out there. Partrick Road. The overgrown mass of old trees, twists around each other. Foliage grows closer and closer into a thick tunnel. As the urban sprawl of Napa gives way to the whims of nature, the forest grows older. It is  at the end of the road there is a blocked entryway of an ancient and forsaken cemetery. Gates  block the path, yet rumor has it that the old gate contains a host of winged beasts.

Some people say the creatures were always here. The First Nation people of Napa called the area the “Valley of Fairies.” Other people say that the monsters are the shackle we must bear for the invasion of First Nation lands. Others say that they’re an experiment gone wrong. Darker yet, some tales tell it is the price to pay for a curse. 

The Rebob.

flying monkey rebob small for clipclop

They look like large, black monkeys, with red eyes and bat wings. Rare, elusive and intelligent, these beings infest the ancient forest. It is said that they harass passerbyes and drivers by swooping down on cars. They have been blamed for car accidents, horrified people, sleep walkers and nightmares. Rumors that the region once served as a site for kidnappings, killings, hangings and mass murder in the far past have created its own aura of menace. 

An alien statue from Cyprus!

Published on Thursday 22. March 2018

An ancient statue from Cyprus (an island country in the Eastern Metiterranean Sea), shows us an extraterrestrial being...

De Glocke

Published on Tuesday 16. January 2018

I saw on your program a story about a UFO crashing that looked like an acorn.