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Muscle Shoals, Alabama (United States)

Sighted on Monday 02. January 2012
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

Just came on duty, security for Wise Alloys. still dark. Work gate by myself. plant is out in the country. eating some mcdonalds standing outside guard shack and noticed off in the distance over a stretch of pasture what looked at first to be a helicopter slowly traversing field. about a mile away or less. watched it for a min or two as it came closer to plant. realized that I did not hear any rotor noise. looked closer as it came toward new conctruction( new smelter building) it dissapeared behind building for a min then came right over the top and it was then I realized that I had no Idea what it was. took out my cell phone and tried to get camara on, my hands where shaking pretty bad. got it on looked up and it was almost directly over me at I would guess about fifty feet. I took a couple of shots as it began to asscend. it got up pretty high Im not sure maybe a thousand feet and then it just vanished. after the fact I remembered that it did not make noise but it did vibrate my chest and head. very strange feeling and hard to explain. it had three distinct lights on the underside that changed in intensity as it took off... very blue and slightly violet. no heat. the top side was very dark and I could not see any detail. not a saucer sape but a circle cut in half. flat side down. no lights on top. My air force buddy tried to tell me its one of ours but he is wrong. I am familiar with most aircraft and this was not one of ours.


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