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Quito, Pichincha (Ecuador)

Sighted on Monday 14. March 1966
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

1966,Quito, Ecuador, standing on balcony of Hotel Alcron. Saw what I thought was a paper lantern. Husband was there too. It moved downward,sideways, up, and at diagonals. I called to the NASA men downstairs to hurry up. There were seven of us on the balcony. all saw the following: The larger "mothership" was zipping around then stopped, hovering almost directly high overhead. Three(3) smaller spheres dropped out of the bottom,lit with multi-colored flashing lights running around the outside of their bodies. These three went in all directions, zooming, it was absolutely stunning.THis lasted about two minutes and I asked the NASA fellows--"Now are you going to tell me these are little paper lanterns with candles inside?" The three "babies" lined up beneath the "mothership" and one at a time went back up into the "ship" and in a blink it zoomed out of sight. The NASA people said they were just there to keep a check on weather. When I asked them what they thought these were- "well, we can't deny what we saw." It was not paper lanterns.1974, summer,around 5:45p.m., living on Oak Ridge Highway about 6 miles as a crow flies from "Oak Ridge, TN", saw a cigar shaped, aluminum colored object hovering about a 1/2 mile, asked my neighbor, Mrs. Petty to look, we then asked Mrs. French to look, my husband came home and saw it, Mr. Petty came home from working in Oak Ridge and saw it. It was just humming and hovering. Then it left in the direction of Oak Ridge, TN disappearing very quickly. There were more than just me at both events that saw the events. The NASA people in Ecuador admitted they had no idea what they were but did not get in a dither when I suggested-UFOs. The siting on Oak Ridge Highway in Knoxville, TN was with five of us and we were all shocked. Mr. Petty really didn't want to discuss it too much.We are not the only inhabitants of the universe. The man on Larry King is sort of like Thomas. He has to put his hand in the wound (hard evidence) because we are all just "nuts". He was also sooo superior. This was on Aug4, 2007.

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