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West Covina, CA (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 02. July 2013
Reported on
Shape: Scattered | Duration: 5 minutes

I saw 2 fireballs of light rising west from the sky at dusk. At first, I thought they were fireworks shooting up towards the sky, but my attention was grabbed when the balls of light didn't fall down due to gravity. They continued to rise towards the sky. I automatically knew that they weren't airplanes or helicopters because they flew too close to each other. The fireballs of light were lightly moving towards and away each other while they rose to the sky. They stopped moving and stood stationary in the sky for about 20 seconds until a third fireball rose to the sky towards the 2 stationary fireballs. The two fireballs shot into the air and dimmed away while the third fire ball reached to the destination where the two fireballs were once stood stationary. The third fireball was motionless for about 30 second. It was an eerie feeling watching this fireball when it was stationary. The third fireball moved slightly to its left then shot away towards space joining the two other fireballs. They dimmed away and disappeared.


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