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Kelso, WA

Sighted on Friday 24. January 2014
Reported on
Shape: Formation | Duration: 3-4 minutes

12-14 bright orange lights that formed a line and than around each other and than left in a hurryAt Approx. 8:05pm on 01/24/2014 Friday night, I was headed home, North on North Pacific Rd. and seen a light formation that was coming from my right over from behind Mt. Brinion and heading west over I-5 Freeway. There was 12-14 of them and they were bright and orange in color. The sky was VERY clear and you can see every star and they were bigger and brighter. I pulled over, as did another car to get a better look and called my ex-husband who was in the Navy to step outside his house and look. He did so and could only see about 5-6 by that time as when they lined up at a certain altitude, not perfectly straight but like ducks flying together until most were up there and then they started to gather around each other when the ones farthest to the left began to take off and dim out quickly. One by one, they did this till all caught up from over the mountain and left…I have lived here for years and never seen such a thing, wasn’t lanterns they moved like helicopters but faster and no noise at all. I did call it into the local Police department for them to log.

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