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Theodore, Alabama (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 01. March 2014
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

I was taking random pics of the stars! Using my Nikon D 40 camera , on a tripod, with a 12 sec. time lapse. First, I noticed that things were going across the sky , that would block out the stars. One star at a time! You could not see anything, however, it was more then a twinkling star... they did not dim... they went away for a split second. The direction that they were moving was east to west. There was more then one , because they were not following the same line. But the direction of travel was the same! So I Aimed at Jupiter, Orion's sword, Plaidies, Big Dipper, A bright star in the southeast [I do not beleave that it was part of Orion } And a red star the might have been Mars! After about 45 mins. I came into the house to download. As I was reviewing the photos, I came across the one in question. The first photo is the untouched origional. The second photo will be zoomed and croped, with maybe a little lighting added! I lightened it a bit, to pull out the more distant stars... give a direction that the time lapse pulled the stars. This was a pic of the star in the southeast, In the pic it is white, pill shaped. I question the rainbow looping trail, that seems to be in line with the star. Now, I realize that this could be a gnat , but I do not know what would have lit it up! I like to take my pics in the dark. The darker... the better! No flash! I would appreciate your ideas as to what this rainbow loopie thing is! Also, the neon pink that seem to radiate from the right , lower side of the star. These things do not show up on any of my other pics! Thamk You, Patty Smith


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