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Doyleville, CO

Sighted on Wednesday 07. December 2011
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 30

Strange lights observed near Monarch Pass.I had previously been told of these phenomena in this vicinity but had not observed any myself until tonight. I remain skeptical about it but I am curious and I cannot conceive any reasonable explanation for what I saw tonight.From the home of my sister, in a northwesterly direction, I observed some lighted object. I saw red, blue and green lights as well as a constant white glow coming from the object. The flickering which I observed could be a atmospheric distortion, though the colors did seem to alternate or flash.The object appeared to be hovering above the mountain range which is near Monarch Mountain. It did appear to make some lateral and vertical changes of position but primarily remained fixed in it's position. Near the end of the 30 minutes which I spent watching, an aircraft overflew the house and traveled seemingly near to but above the object.I am told that this is a frequent occurance, and that the objects often have very rapid changes of position both lateral and vertical relative to the observer. One observer has reported having been chased or attacked by them on one occasion.

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