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Abilene and Ft. Worth (Interstate 20 East between), TX

Sighted on Thursday 10. August 2000
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Shape: Cone | Duration: 40 seconds

Two conical craft moving through a sky full of weird lights.I was driving home from a vacation to the Pacific Northwest, and I was on the the last leg of my trip. I had left Flagstaff, AZ about 7:00 in the morning and was on my way to my home in central Texas. In spite of it being a very long drive, I was quite lucid. I was headed east on Interstate 20. Abilene was behind me, and I was on one of the emptier stretches of the highway between that city and Ft. Worth. I happened to look up into the sky at some point when I noticed a large number of lights moving through the night sky. I saw many such lights over the course of the next several minutes. I saw lights on objects that seemed to be shaped like tops, and I saw lighted cigar-shaped craft. However, since it was dark I assumed these objects were simply normal aircraft (i.e., helicopters or planes) that I couldn't see very well. Then, I clearly saw two craft which immediately caught my attention. I could see them clearly, as they flew low relative to the other objects. They were cone-shaped, with the flat end at a slight angle. The flat ends had several lines of lights on them. These lights were steady (they did not seem to blink or flicker). They seemed to be gray or a dull black in color. The lights were white. One craft followed the other, flying in a straight line through the sky. I could only see them for a short while before I had travelled too far along the road and lost sight of them. They flew "fat end" first.

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