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Fort Irwin, CA

Sighted on Wednesday 01. April 1992
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 30 minutes

fort irwin ca ufo 1992 from ex soldierHi, I have been thinking about something for a long time and I want to share it with you. While my scout platoon was in the desert at fort irwin ca on a training exercise I beleive we witnessed a ufo. Here's what I remember, about 2 am in the morning we were conducting a screen line waiting for an attack to come from the other unit that was in the box ie training area and we reported a light (helicopter) inbound about 500ft above the ground and roughly 5 miles out. we viewed this with night vision goggles. it continued in bound heading north, within a couple of minutes another scout vehicle reported contact with it. we all just kept looking at it because we thought it was a helicopter bringing in the enemy somewhere. A minute or so later another light and reported it as another helicopter was on the same path and heading in the same direction a few seconds after that we reported one more light(helicopter). so now we had three of them and at least one other scout vehicle was seeing the same thing and tracking it as well.Within a couple of minutes the lead copter went directly up in the air about and the sky got brighter, really brighter, all this was happening about 5 miles from my position but it got so bright that you could see the change without your night vision goggles. we reported to the commander at the toc that we beleived a helo just exploded and we had a real world emergency. now all the scout vehicles could see the sky getting way brighter. I mean really bright and it was staying that way not like a firecracker but like a slow build to brightness. not daylight but definatly noticeable. We were rasing hell on the radio with the toc telling them to check with bluefor and see if they had a helicopter go down and we were looking for red stars which would signal a real world emergency. we saw none. after alot of radio chatter between the toc and us they said it was not a helicopter but they would investigate it. so for about an hr we watched the sky get really bright and the start to dim out and basically didnt do our mission any more but talked on the radio about what was going on. finally the toc told us that a missle from one of the airforce bases went awry and they had to self destruct it so thats what the lights were. about 1 hr later we saw orange lights moving in the desert floor like a fireball moving really fast. like it was racing up and down the floor in a super fast car. this also happened about 3-5 miles from my position but others saw it as well. the toc thought my entire platoon was nuts but we all saw it. finally the orange light went out and nothing else happened. after the mission ended a day or so later we all asked what was up and were told the missle story but no reference to the orange light other than special forces were supposedly in the area and may have been doing something. no special forces could have done what I saw. they had to have been driving on the desert floor 2000 miles an hr. after the first helicopter blew up or missle or whatever it was, the other lights just kept moving north and eventually went out of view. I truly believe I saw something and not what the army said it was.((NUFORC Note: Date of event is approximate. PD))

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