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Apeldoorn, Gelderland (The Netherlands)

Sighted on Friday 10. October 2008
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Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:05:00

(I apologize for my English. I hope it's ok)We were wachting television (couch towards the window, tv in front of the window). All of a sudden my husband saw a bright orange orb coming over the tree tops. He calls out 'What IS THAT?' and points it out to me. We stood up from the couch, and saw the first one to be followed bij 2 or 3 others. We went out to the garden to have a better look. They were bright orange (only from a distance, maybe due to atmospheric interference?), perfect spheres, and most oddly: NO SOUND AT ALL. (I'll include my youtube footage; if you listen closely you can even hear my camera zoom, but nothing from the orbs at all)They were not flying high at all, app. the same hight as a helicpter.They were not big at all; maybe 10-15 meters, altough hard to guess with a crystal clear sky. From these guesses could be concluded that they were going at a speed of 150km/h, steadily, but moving not in a tight formation; the moved a bit to and from eachother.They did not move at wind-direction; west-southwest by east-northeast, making a wide turn to the north.Up close (they went allmost over our garden, so we had a good look at it) they were more yellow, with a deep orange core. Radiating from the middle like a fat star.I drew a picture of what I saw in photoshop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywDIrCPbIZQ As we stood there my husband said "Look; there are a whole bunch more coming!" Our original 3 or 4 were now joined by 5 more!From the garden I rushed back in to get my camera, but we only had our sony T10 (so poor quality, i apologize). I also put that on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIPdcelnjHkI kept filming (with a short pause as they went behind a treetop) untill the were gone over the rooftops of our block. We went inside, a bit stunned, and realized we might see them from upstairs, the streetside of our block. We did not spotted them there at all, maybe because they turned further to the north (along the roofs), maybe they were behind the tree (close to the neighbouring house) that was blocking our sight, maybe they just vanished.We had no fysical respons to it, but were (understandably) a bit in awe, excited, and did not understand what we saw at all, just that that couldn't have been from earthly origine. We are quite down to earth people I think, haha.I expected it to be the talk of the day, as they went over a vast populated area. But as we learned: most people kept quiet to not be the town-fool.Almost directly I got online (as soos as five minutes), curious to what it may have been, and thinking there would be people that saw these to here. Nothing like that, but these orange orbs seem to be spotted here in Holland quite often.

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Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 2007-06-22 Rectangle 5min
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