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Mack, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Friday 24. October 2008
Reported on
Shape: Oval | Duration: Undisclosed

Drove out to see a newsite. As we entered site i was made aware of a certain area. During the visit to the site i experienced a very strong electric...drank to much coffee feeling until we crossed a certain point on the site. On the way out..(dark) i recieved a call that i had to go to work. Shortly there after while still driving a yellowish large orb was pointed out to me where early i was told to look and there was nothing there. Passenger in my truck used my surefire flash light and started blinking the light at the orb. Orb stayed stationary. However shortly there after it seemed to release smaller sat ships. Total sat ships counted was 7. At this point i was still not a believer. We parked the truck and after 10 mins or so of observing the sat ships i shut the truck off and turned off the lights.I then exited the truck and stood at the left front corner and observed 4 sat ships flying a stacked 45 degree formation. Sat ship 5 was in this general area flying a diff path and making short but extremely fast directional course changes. These 5 sat ships were behind and to the right side of the truck. The 2 remaining sat ships flying to the right front of the truck. Number 6 slowly came up over a hill and i was still thinking it was a helicopter until as it stopped at the top of the hill. It stayed stationary for a few minutes and then did a zip to my right which covered at least 10-20 miles in almost the blink of an eye. At this time i was in shock and utter awe of what was unfolding in front of me. I then turned to get a visual of sat ship 7 and it was now turning and flying slow like that of a cessna and then crossed over the top of my position at the front of the truck at a 45 degree angle and slightly of to my left and held that heading until it reached a hill behind me and then made a lateral zip of 15-20 degrees in the sky. Out of all the 7 sat ships one appeared to be a control ship and this was made mention to me by the passenger. I also observed that these sat ships were like small orbs that blinked a red light to mimic our standard faa accident avoidance lights on all aircraft. The sat ships were also very bright....not a white light but a high intensity crystal bright light. The passenger repeatedly flashed the sat ships with mentioned flashlight which resulted in several of the sat ships changing the red light to an orange and then yellow light. At this point i had to pry myself away and make myself get back into the truck to head to work. As we got onto hwy 6/50 and started heading back to town the passenger noted 1 sat ship seemed to be following the trucks movements on the far side of the highway...ie: matching pace...stopping and restarting.During the drive back to town as the passenger was keeping a watchful eye on said sat ship my cell phone rang. I was unable to get to it in ample time to take the call. When i reviewed the missed call it was an odd number and no voice mail message was left. After 2 or 3 mins of mulling around the idea i called the odd number back. I recieved an automated verizon cell message stating the number was not in service. The phone number was 1-754-777-7777. The correlation to 7 numbers and since all the digits were 7's seemed to be more than a coincedence. That night when i arrived at the job site i did do a google search for the number and found more than a few references to the number and the general thought that the number belonged to onstar and or xm sat radio. But there was no confirmation of this found during the search.

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