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Cumming, GA

Sighted on Saturday 16. March 2013
Reported on
Shape: Cigar | Duration: seconds

Fast neon green object over GA 400 north of Cumming GAI was traveling NB on GA 400 north of Exit 17. Thin cigar shaped flourescent green light topped by a shorter white light appeared to the NE just above the highway, was in a definite descending pattern, moving at a very high rate of speed with no tail, then suddenly disappeared in open sky. Weather conditions clear. Time from appearance to disappearance less than 5 seconds.

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Aloharetta, GA 2015-10-24 Fireball 5 seconds
McDonough, GA 2015-10-24 Fireball 5 seconds
Cumming, GA 2015-10-23 Fireball 20 seconds
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Hoschton, GA 2015-09-21 Teardrop 15 seconds
Dacula, GA 2015-09-21 Unknown 90 seconds