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Bolingbrook, Illinois (United States)

Sighted on Friday 13. September 2013
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

Yesterday evening, Sept 14th 2013, I went out in my backyard to star gaze, it was a clear cool night with no cloud cover, and the was moon positioned in the southern sky. I noticed planes and even some satellites. I decided to bring out my camera with my tripod to photograph the stars, something I hadn't tried before. My photos turned out great, and I was surprised to see so many stars, some I couldn't even see with the naked eye. However, in three sets of photos, I noticed some objects I could not explain. I'd like to mention that I took photos of planes and satellites, and they made a trail, due to the exposure rate I had set on my camera, so I know what they look like in a photo. There is also a small airport about a mile from the home, so I'm familiar with conventional aircraft in the area. In these sets, I had photos taken of the same area over the course of about a minute, so as to see the movement of the stars. I have three sets of three photos each to report.In one of the sets, the second photo revealed a squiggly object, which only appeared in that photo, neither the preceding nor proceeding photo had any shot of this object. It appeared as two squiggles, but that is because of minor shaking by me. The time stamp of this set is 8:18:24 p.m ,8:18:34 p.m, and 8:18:44 p.m. Photos are 7017 to 7019.In the second set of photos, an object appears in the second photo, in the bottom right quadrant of the frame. It is above and to the right of binary stars, or two stars next to each other, but then disappears. The timestamp of this set is 10:34:55 p.m, 10:35:10 p.m, and 10:35:29 p.m. Photos are 7106 to 7108.The last set has an object appearing in each of the photos of the set, in the bottom right quadrant of the frames, seen moving in the opposite direction of the stars.It can be seen about 35 degrees to the right from the pink star at the bottom of the photo, and then moving southwest in the frame, between two two stars! The timestamp of this set is 10:39:39 p.m, 10:39:56 p.m, and 10:40:14 p.m. Photos are 7118 to 7120. I showed these photos to my family, and edited the photos in order to see the objects more clearly, but am still unsure of what they are. I have the raw images available for further analysis, as/if necessary. We just want to know what they are, as it has us stumped. There was another set of five photos wherein an object is in the upper right side of the frame, moving down as the photos progress, but it is very faint, and so it isn't included in this report.

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