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Lilburn, Georgia (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 15. March 2014
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed

Driving southbound on River Road just past the Lester Rd. intersection I saw a pulsing spherical light or orb or craft moving in a quick and sporadic flight path approx a couple of hundred feet above in the direction I was headed. It was just above the tree line and was executing quick turns and descending and ascending altitudes in a manner I've never seen. I pulled over and it had circled me and I watched and recorded it for a few minutes... See video at:I returned home to get a better camera and brought another witness back to the scene. At this point it was directly above at least a few thousand feet. There were two lights, both looked the same that were pulsating and hovering. They moved away from one another after coming together and moved in a direct path very slowly. There was complete cloud cover and aside from the full moon, they were the only two lights visible. I zoomed in with my video camera and was as tight as I could get. I witnessed both through the camera and with the naked eye, the light pulsating and growing bigger, forming a typical saucer / star tetrahedron shape. It would expand and briefly blink out only to immediately return to it's original size and spherical shape. See second shot on video. We witnessed it for approx ten mins (around 10pm) and then left with it still high above in the sky.

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