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Weippe, ID

Sighted on Wednesday 21. January 2015
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Shape: Light | Duration: 8 minutes

6 lights seen flyin in different uniformity patterns at night.Three red blinking lights were first observed in a straight line from right to left.. In front of them were three bright white lights in the same exact distance and pattern from the red ones.. Object(s) were moving from west to east and flying towards me.. Unable to judge height or distance in the air as it was dark with a few stars showing but being over the town the building lights were making it harder to see. The object(s) were moving slowly towards me and off to my left. I called over a local official who was across the street and he witnessed them as well and was not able to identify them either. We then watched them change pattern and closed formation and moved more towards the south.. After about 2 minutes they again changed pattern to where they were flying end to end (white/ red, white/red and white/red) and began moving in a easterly direction again. We observed them for about another 2 minutes until they moved out of our view. The official then g! ot into his vehicle and followed them. Unknown what he found after that.These object(s) were in a square, diamond, and rectangle and then in a straight line pattern while maintaining the uniformity in all patterns… Also noted was there was absolutely no sound.No pictures were taken but 5 sketches have been drawn as best as I can remember.Weather: about 28 degrees, clear skies with some stars, some light haze at first when noticed the object then it moved into clearer skies.

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Lewiston, ID 2004-07-15 Cylinder 30 seconds
Lewiston, ID 2003-11-21 Light 20 minutes
Grangeville, ID 2003-05-22 Disk 5-6 minutes
Grangeville, ID 2003-02-10 Light 5 minutes
Grangeville, ID 2003-02-09 Light 1 minute
Clarkston, WA 2002-05-12 Light 15-20 min.
Clarkston, WA 2002-05-12 Other ~15 min.
By lenore, Idaho (United States) 2001-09-11 Circle Undisclosed
West Clarkston-Highland, Idaho (United States) 2001-07-17 Star-like 00:00:30
Moscow, ID 2001-04-20 Changing 3 min
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Orofino (16 miles east of), ID 2001-03-30 Unknown 2 hours
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Snake River, ID 1995-07-23 15 sec.
Grangeville, ID 1995-01-18
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