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Oil City, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 02. August 2014
Reported on
Shape: Square, Rectangular | Duration: Undisclosed

On August 2 2014 I had a close encounter of some kind, I was not taken nor did I see any entity but was simply "shown" that "they" exist.My experience was as follows and this is what I remember very clearly & distinctively;oWe were at a friend camp north of President, PA on the upper Allegheny River, very remote, there were 10 of us, standing around a huge bonfire drinking and talking.oIt was like time had stopped, through the smoke of the huge bonfire I could see a craft above, very close to me/us, it was blinking a light at me - I say "me" because I could feel, sense it was communicating to me directly. It was like I was in a trance and I looked away it seemed in very slow motion and then looked back and it was there doing it again. My surroundings, friends were motionless, I could see the fire burning and the smoke from the fire moving upwards but it was like everything was frozen for a while so I could see them. There was no message per say it was like "hey we exist" and then they were gone.Immediately after the event I knew it happened but didn't say anything to anyone it seemed like my memory of this encounter was delayed or blocked until I woke up the next morning. But then it was time to drive 6 hours back home after being up at Camp for a week. Ever since that day of August 2, 2014 I think of see/envision this encounter every single day in my mind it's like it was tattooed into my memory so explicit, exact it's like it happened just minutes ago. I can visualize the craft perfectly but I cannot draw it and have tried many times, it was a design I have never seen before and I looked up online many hundreds of UFO drawings. The craft I saw was multi-sided, very irregular, between an Octahedron and an Icosahedron shaped object, opaque in color flashing simply a white rectangular light at me that was tilted at an angle left to right. It was NOT like any UFO drawing I have seen on Internet searches. It doesn't haunt me as so much as I have so many questions. I wasn't scared and don't remember any communication at all - I am scheduled for a regression next month in November as I want to know more especially since I hear "another encounter" very similar to mine above from a notable scientist I know. My question have any others had a similar story to mine?One other point, I am a very successful consultant to CEO's and B.O.D.'s so I'm not a wacko, although I've always been a "believer" I would like to know why I was contacted and or any info at all...thanks

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