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Charlotte, North Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Friday 25. December 2015
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: Undisclosed

I live in the Fourth Ward of Uptown, Charlotte North Carolina. I knew that there would be a full moon on Dec 25 2015, it would be the first full moon on Christmas since 1977 and I wanted to see if I could locate that moon as it was dusk, and I had my cell phone in my hand because I wanted to take a picture of the full moon, so I went out on my patio (I live on the ground floor) and started looking up at the cloudy sky towards uptown Charlotte's skyline (Trade and Tryon Streets) and I couldn't find the moon but instead I saw 2 orange orbs at 5:53PM and it was perplexing to me, I had never seen anything like it ... so I kept looking at the 2 orange orbs, and then there were 3! and the 3rd one which was at a lower altitude shot up quickly and joined closer to the other 2 and the 3 were in a triangle formation or in a crooked line they moved away from uptown skyline towards my direction! The 3 orange circular orbs were round and a very bright orange with white lights, they were 100% silent and there were NO other aircraft in the sky/area. They just moved silently like they were gliding overhead. I almost thought they were maybe experimental large high tech drones? But they didn't have feet like drones and were way the heck too high up in the clouds to be regular drones.I ran upstairs one level to get a better view of the open cloudy sky and started taking pictures with my iPhone 4S of these 3 silent bright orange orbs, they are date and time stamped and I used no flash, times taken are within 2 minutes between 5:53pm and 5:55pm. The best picture I captured of the orange orbs is photo #5 where you can clearly see they are bright orange orbs, if you zoom in you will notice all 3 have 2 darker orange lights in the identical spot identically spaced apart on them on the front of the orb.As the large orbs were almost overhead a friend, was coming over, because we were going to order in Chinese food. I saw him down beneath me and said "hey, look up in the sky, check out those 3 orange things!" "what could they be???" he says "helicopters?" I said "No way, they are not helicopters they are 100% silent you can hear helicopters and they are too close together and helos are Not orange" so I looked down at him for a second and told him to just go into my apt and wait for me, and as I did that I looked back up and all 3 were gone. Had he not come at that time and thrown my focus maybe I could have seen how they just disappeared into the clouds or how they disappeared...(that bummed me out that he distracted me) sigh... then I went inside and kept coming out periodically and looked into the sky as I waited for my dinner to be delivered and I didn't see the orbs again...however I did finally find the full moon in the sky.

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