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Brantingham, NY

Sighted on Wednesday 12. August 2015
Reported on
Shape: Rectangle | Duration: 30 minutes

Several orange glowing rectangles moving along same flight path.Summary: At 9:30 PM Eastern, 8/12/2015, several adults & children observed rectangular shaped objects glowing orange in color moving along a straight flight path from N/NW to S/SE direction. Location was eastern shore of Brantingham Lake, town of Greig, Lewis county, New York State, approximate Latitude of 43.7 & Longitude of 75.28. Similar objects were observed the following 2 nights at approximately the same time along the same flight path. Each night was calm, no precipitation, temperature in the 60s. Several IPhone photos and videos were taken.Details: At approximately 9:18 PM Eastern on 8/12/2015, we observed first object overhead, directly above, traveling at constant rate of speed. Was observed for approximately one minute until out of view out of view to the S/SE. See photograph 1 at 9:18 PM taken from an I Phone 6.5 minutes latter a second object, same size & color moving along the same flight path and at the same speed was observed in the N/NW sky that went overhead and then out of sight a minute later to the S/SE. See Photograph 2 at 9:23 PM from an IPhone 6. Also a number of videos were made of the first 2 objects .Then approx. 4 minutes later a third object was observed identical to the first two but smaller in size. No sounds were made. There were no other observable aircraft or objects in the sky. Observed by 5 adults and several children.At approximately 9:17 PM Eastern on 8/13/2015, the first object was observed in the S/SE sky traveling in the OPPOSITE direction but along the approximately SAME flight path as the objects observed on 8/12/2015. See Video at 9:17 PM 8/13/2015. See Photographs at 9:18.A second object was observed at 9:24 PM. See photographs at 9:24 and video at 9:25 PM. This second object was larger than any of the previously observed objects but all other facets are the same (color,speed, shape). See Photographs at 9:25. A third object (the same size as the first object that night and all the same characteristics as the first object) was observed at 9:37 PM.At approximately 9 PM, the first of 3 objects was observed moving along a flight path somewhat close to the previous 2 nights but in the SAME direction as the first night (8/12/2015) N/NW to S/SE. See video from 8/14/2015. A photograph with a traditional shutter camera was taken of the 2nd object observed. The shape appears to be a glowing rectangle however the detailed zoomed photo shows differently: an orange ‘line’ in the shape of a backwards S. Again, no sounds observed. There were no objects observed on 8/15/2015. We left the camp Sunday 8/216/2015.((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))

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