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Caledon, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Wednesday 25. November 2015
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

On november 25 2015, i returned home from work and thought i would head out back on my property for a quick hunt for doves. I live in the country so i have access to adjacent farm land. The time i headed out was about 3:30 pm. I walked the fence line and about 10 min. Later i was able to shoot a dove from the tree top and it fell into some shrubs. When i tried to fine it all i could hear was the shrieking of a wounded bird until it went silent. I dont give up easily on downed game but it was apperent that it was going to be difficult to find since it fell wounded. Time was short so i headed north along the tree lined fence about 15 more min. Until i shot another dove, but this one dropped in a puff of feathers and thought it should be easy to find. I then searched the ground for about 15 more min., untill i was able to find it. I new that i had to find it because there was no more time for another i did not want to lose another bird. Thats when a normal day was about to change for me. At about 4:50 pm i was walking south again in the same direction in which i came but about 25 yards west of the same tree lined fence. I spotted a large black triangle emediately above the trees moving towards me at a slow rate of speed. My first reaction was that this was an ultralight aircraft. Then i thought that since it was getting late he is probably using the fence line for navagation referance and is running very late. The weather was very good for this time of year and may have been why he was out, so i thought. With almost no wind and about 16c. Since it was heading almost straight for me and just above the tree tops i decided not to walk directly under its path since i may scare the person with me holding a shotgun in complete comoflauge clothing. I would instead stay put untill it passes by. As it began to peer through the trees and getting near i was amazed that it was not emmiting that loud roar of a small engine. It also was not revealling any type of wing span. The sky was still clear although the sun was setting quickly. The object had no lights and that was my next thought. Where was this thing heading and what the heck is it. I was still thinking that someone was at the controls in either a crouch position or a ski position and i was in complete disbelief when it finnaly broke out from the trees. It apearred to be a human from a distance but then i saw no shoulders a elongated head that had the shape of a street light, it was about 6 ft. tall and very slender. The entire body was black but i could not make out any facial features accept that the face colour was grey. It almost appeared like a sordsman suit in the fenncing sport inand black with a grey mask. As soon as i saw that this was not a human form i reached for my cell phone to take a picture but this took more than a couple of seconds since i carry it in my sunglass pouch and had my gun in my hand. When i took my phone out i turned it on at the same time i was watching the object when the figure on top vanished completly. I yelled wtf.and turned on the camera function, taking my eye off it for a second it appeared to rotate then back again still travelling at the same speed and direction staight as an arrow with no wobble whatsoever. When i brought my phone up i could see that it now had an L shape to it and i had only a breif chance to at least get a glimps of it but all i got was the trees and sunset, i moved my phone in a frenzy but it was frozen and would not respond to any function the image was not present in the screen and i just ran to the fence about 20 yards and watched it traval north untill it faded into the dark forest to the north. Sunset made it dificult to see and i then looked down at my phone to see if it was working and took 2 pictures of my feet so it apeared to be fine at this point. I walked blackwards for about 20 yards not knowing what to think accept that whatever it was it did not want to be photograghed, thats just what i believed anyway. Then i walked home through the open field and at a great distance to the east i saw a sharp beam of light shoot sraight down through the cloud cover to the ground and i could only wonder if was just a coicidence. I am 54 years old and have been hunting most of my life and for many years on my property and have never seen anything like this before.

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