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Yucca Valley, California (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 22. September 2016
Reported on
Shape: Disc | Duration: 00:01:48

On 9/22/2016 at 4:30ish am, i was laying in bed with my girlfriend, we just woke up and happen to be looking at the camera screen. suddenly a bright glowing white figure something like a bird flew into view of the camera at a very high speed, the figure looked to fall or drop from a beam of light which seemed to have spinning disc's spaced randomly apart. the beam then appeared to be scanning our back yard as if looking for the figure it dropped. after a minute or so, while my girlfriend and i are astonished thinking what on earth are we seeing...The beam seemed to collect the figure, which now appeared to be human, bright,glowing, white, and transparent as it looked like it was on its back with its extremities or arms and legs flailing as it ascended upwards caught in the beam of light. then it disappeared, we ran to check if our dog kingdom was still here, because we thought maybe it took our dog, but kingdom was fine and he didn't appear affected whatsoever. we were too unknowingkst to go outside and check for any evidences of the entities presence, plus it was still dark, but as soon as the sun rose, we investigated and found nothing. we are left with a feeling of being undone or as if unraveled now having to acknowledge,what once was just an uncertain idea, or a what if or a ,probably not, frame of mind. it causes quite a mind trip, that disrupts my whole state of being, good nor bad, just a complete unknowingkst! we also have the video footage.

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