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Merritt, Washington (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 11. August 2015
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 04:00:00

Midnight 8/11/15, we went to observe the meteor showers (many yes annual trip) we saw the light in the sky changing direction, slitting up, emitting smaller lights. we were by the windmills, you could feel them pulsing. we tried to attract the craft, hey, take us we want to go. "seconds later e were standing in slightly different places and our dog as going crazy in the car. strange howling w red eyes were getting closer and we left the site. hit traffic and were stunned. the trip has been timed so we are entering i90 at 4am. but we were there at 8am! lost 4 hours. i underwent hypnosis to recover some of the memory of the event. i was being held upright in an alcove. my granddaughter and boy friend were on tables being examined. i tried to move forward but was restrained by invisible force. a tall green insect alien came over to me. we made eye contact and i relaxed immediately, we had met many times in thy childhood as i played in the quincy naval air base in quincy ma 1948-1958. i asked why i had been taken? he put his forehead to mine, something touched each temple and i was given an image of a huge machine, stretching out of sight. a wooden machine with leather belts. i protested that i could image something more modern and felt his laugh, and reassurance that he knew best. 2012 the first tiny cog (larger than e but tiny in the scale of the machine) started to turn. one full revolution and it engaged the next cog etc. the chaos machine had begun to spin. i will not live to see the utopia on the other side. my boyfriend just knows he was anal probed, and my granddaughter has experienced heightened psychic abilities.

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