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Granite Quarry, North Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Friday 28. October 2016
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:00:15

(note: this is part 2 of 2 total sightings that i experienced within a few hours of each other. the first sighting was submitted before this.) about two or three hours had passed since the first occurrence. at this point i am inside my apartment sitting down. my state of mind at the time was relatively normal. i am calm and relaxed and had already concluded that the first occurrence was nothing too out of the ordinary, and i was very far away from thinking that i had witnessed something of extraterrestrial origin. so all is fine, and i am sitting at my desk working. then i start to hear something. i was unsure what it was initially, but soon realized it was growing louder, and coming closer. it was a loud roar that eventually started to rumble. i could feel the vibrations in the ground. i then recognized the sound as a helicopter. i first thought this is relatively normal because law enforcement does fly-overs this time of the year looking for illicit crops. i don't know why exactly, but for some reason i decided to go outside to look at it, perhaps because of how unusually loud it was (loud enough to wake people up when sleeping). so i open the front door, walk outside, and a few seconds later i see the exact same flying objects pass over as before. except this time they are within 200 feet of me. first the orb of solid white-yellow light, then the aircraft following it with at least 3 lights on it: 1 red, 1 green, 1 white; some of which are strobing. the following aircraft was close enough that i could easily see the outline of it. it was a helicopter. about 100 feet in front of this helicopter, was the leading object. this object was nothing more than a light, but the light had no source other than itself; it was literally a ball/orb of light. if this orb of light was coming from an aircraft or if it had any kind of physical structure, then i would have easily been able to identify it, because of how close i was to it. it also did not have a sound either, at least none that could be heard over the roar of the helicopter. another odd thing i noticed is that the distance between the two objects was completely unchanging. the orb of light maintained a perfectly static lead on the helicopter. it's as if any slight change in acceleration by the helicopter was instantaneously measured and compensated for by the orb. after both the orb and helicopter flew out of sight, i immediately felt sick. my mind could not comprehend what it had just witnessed. my heart raced, i began to shake with jitters from the adrenaline. after realizing this couldn't be explained, i began to question my own sanity. i had never seen a ufo before that night and suddenly i had seen two? was it trying to follow me? seconds after they left my view, i ran back inside to talk to my sister. i needed to know that i wasn't hallucinating. i was relieved to hear her say that she had heard and felt the roar of the helicopter, which helped calm me somewhat. after that i quickly grabbed my camera drone and put it in the air as fast as i possibly could to try and get footage, although i was shaking so bad that i couldn't do so in a timely manner. by the time i had lifted off, they were totally out of sight. i did end up taking it up to about 1600 feet and spent the next 20 mins taking pictures of the night sky hoping to be able to find something. so far i havent seen anything out of the ordinary on them. even after all of this, i still had my doubt about the orb of light's true origin. but then the final nail in the coffin for me is when later that night a friend came over. i hadn't told her about what happened because i didn't want to seem crazy, but i did ask her "have you noticed a lot of aircraft flying around recently?" to my surprise she said that she didn't want to seem crazy but that her and her friend saw a flying disk hovering about an hour earlier with different lights on it. i was shocked and proceeded to tell her my story. okay, i'm going to stop typing now because this is getting to be excessive. i hope someone believes me because most of the people i've told so far just laugh in my face, but i do not care. i know what i saw, and i am not crazy nor have i ever been. hopefully there will be an explanation some day.

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