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Walkerton, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Sunday 06. November 2016
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:09:00

My friend and i we both confirmed we saw it..Looking straight up we saw it decend towards the east and change course towards the north. stopped over a star for 15 sec and then descended once again but curving to the south this time. it curved under the one star just like a golf ball just missing the hole. hovered for another 15 seconds and faded away. we both ruled out all i am very knowledgeable towards satellite, planes helicopters gliders and shooting stars..This was none of them. my friend and i saw it all which makes me happy, happy that i am not crazy.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Orangeville, Ontario (Canada) 2017-03-28 Unknown 00:02:00
Markdale, Ontario (Canada) 2016-09-15 Circle 00:10:00
Belwood, Ontario (Canada) 2016-09-04 Glowing orb's A few minutes
Grand Valley, Ontario (Canada) 2016-07-09 Unknown 04:00:00
Williamsford (Canada), ON 2016-06-03 Light 20 seconds
Lion's Head, Ontario (Canada) 2016-04-15 Sphere Undisclosed
Owen Sound (Canada), ON 2016-04-01 Light 3 minutes
The Blue Mountains, Ontario (Canada) 2016-03-18 Fireball Undisclosed
Belwood, Ontario (Canada) 2016-03-16 Unknown Undisclosed
Huron East, Ontario (Canada) 2016-02-18 Disc Undisclosed
New Lowell, ON 2015-09-18 Oval 7 seconds
Lion's Head, Ontario (Canada) 2015-08-23 Unknown Undisclosed
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Wasaga Beach, Ontario (Canada) 2015-08-20 Fireball Undisclosed
Orangeville, Ontario (Canada) 2015-08-04 Diamond Undisclosed
Wasaga Beach (Canada), ON 2015-07-04 Light 3 minutes
Orangeville (NW of city) (Canada), ON 2014-11-23 Light 5 minutes
Mono (Canada), ON 2014-10-24 Diamond 10 minutes
Kincardine, ON (Canada) 2014-10-11 round 10 minutes
Goderich, Ontario (Canada) 2014-10-01 Star-like Undisclosed
Goderich, Ontario (Canada) 2014-09-28 Star-like Undisclosed
Owen Sound, Ontario (Canada) 2014-09-27 Disc Undisclosed
Goderich, Ontario (Canada) 2014-09-27 Disc Undisclosed
Shelburne, Ontario (Canada) 2014-08-17 Large cylinder orange 30 seconds
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Southampton, Ontario (Canada) 2014-06-18 Diamond Undisclosed
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Mount Hope (Canada), ON 2014-05-03 Teardrop 45 minutes
Stayner (Canada), ON 2014-04-20 Circle 5 minutes
Meaford, Ontario (Canada) 2014-04-05 Sphere Undisclosed
Orangeville (Canada), ON 2013-11-13 Light 49 minutes
Wiarton, Ontario (Canada) 2013-10-11 Oval-round 20 seconds
Collingwood, Ontario (Canada) 2013-09-26 various 2 hours
Clinton, Ontario (Canada) 2013-09-13 Sphere Undisclosed
Fergus, Ontario (Canada) 2013-08-22 Circle, Fireball Undisclosed
Sauble Beach (Canada) 2013-08-07 sphere 45 sec to minute
Bruce Beach (Canada), ON 2013-06-22 Circle 3 minutes
Drayton (Canada), ON 2013-06-01 Light 10 minutes
Kincardine, Ontario (Canada) 2013-05-21 Fireball, Sphere 00:15:00
South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario (Canada) 2013-05-04 Circle Undisclosed
Goderich, Ontario (Canada) 2013-04-26 Bullet, Missile, Cone, Triangle Undisclosed
Owen Sound, Ontario (Canada) 2013-04-22 Sphere 02:00:00
Meaford, Ontario (Canada) 2013-04-16 Circle Undisclosed
Wasaga Beach (Canada), ON 2013-04-14 Unknown 4 hours
Sauble Beach, Ontario (Canada) 2013-03-29 Circle Undisclosed
Collingwood (Canada), ON 2012-09-08 Formation 30 seconds
Point Clark (Canada), ON 2012-08-25 Fireball 3 minutes
Point Clark (Canada), ON 2012-08-25 Fireball 3 minutes
Southampton (Canada), ON 2012-08-14 Fireball 4 minutes
Red Bay (Canada), ON 2012-08-12 Circle 2 minutes
Goderich, Ontario (Canada) 2012-08-07 Bell 3 minutes
Goderich (Canada), ON 2012-08-05 Teardrop 15 seconds
Owen Sound, Ontario (Canada) 2012-08-03 Circle Undisclosed
Elmira (Canada), ON 2012-07-12 Cigar 4 minutes
South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario (Canada) 2012-05-19 Fireball Undisclosed
Owen Sound (Canada), ON 2012-04-22 Light 15 to 20 seconds
Miller Lake, Ontario (Canada) 2012-04-03 Cone Undisclosed
Owen Sound, Ontario (Canada) 2011-09-30 Unknown Undisclosed
Shelburne, Ontario (Canada) 2011-09-09 Disc Undisclosed
Saugeen Shores (Canada), ON 2011-09-03 Light 3 mintes
Port Elgin (Canada), ON 2011-08-31 Oval 15 minutes
Meaford (Canada), ON 2011-08-18 Sphere 5 Minutes
Bayfield (Canada), ON 2011-08-04 Fireball 10 minutes
Collingwood (Canada), ON 2011-07-27 Sphere 4 hrs
Mount Forest (Canada), ON 2011-07-01 Fireball 10 minutes
Meaford (Canada), ON 2011-06-18 Disk 10 Minutes +
Mount Forest, Ontario (Canada) 2011-05-31 Fireball Undisclosed
Monkton, Ontario (Canada) 2011-03-07 Unknown Undisclosed
Paisley, Ontario (Canada) 2011-01-30 Flash, Star-like, Triangle Undisclosed
Kincardine (Canada), ON 2011-01-01 Cigar 45 seconds
Orangeville, Ontario (Canada) 2010-10-24 Square, Rectagular Undisclosed
Seaforth (Canada), ON 2010-08-16 Other quarter to ten to now
Shelburne, Ontario (Canada) 2010-08-12 Circle, Sphere, Star-like, Other Undisclosed
Hanover (Canada), ON 2010-07-31 Sphere 5 sec. app.
Hanover (Canada), ON 2010-07-10 Light 8 seconds
Orangeville (Ontario) (Canada), ON 2010-06-17 Light one hour
Walkerton (Canada), ON 2010-01-30 Rectangle 1 min
Bayfield (Canada), ON 2010-01-29 Unknown less than 2 hours
Orangeville, Ontario (Canada) 2009-09-25 Fireball Undisclosed
Eugenia, Ontario (Canada) 2009-09-08 Sphere Undisclosed
Listowel (Canada), ON 2009-08-02 Flash 2 an a half minutes
Goderich (Canada), ON 2009-07-30 Oval 4 minutes
Monkton (Canada), ON 2009-07-15 Light At least 1 hour
Mount Forest (Canada), ON 2009-07-09 Light 2 hours
Wiarton (Canada), ON 2009-06-24 Circle 30 minutes
Teeswater (Canada), ON 2009-05-24 Unknown 3.5 mins