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Monticello, Utah (United States)

Sighted on Monday 28. October 1974
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 10:00:00

My wife and i had just set up camp about a mile down from the rim of the canyon. we had a fire going and had started making dinner. i noticed five luminous spheres that appeared to be "floating" just below the ridge and pointed them to my wife as i grabbed my binoculars. i told her it looked like someone was "spotlight hunting". three of them floated out towards us but kept in the sky. the other two began to move down towards us just above the pinion/juniper trees. i could see that there was no vehicle, just these luminous spheres moving towards us. as fast as we could get in the truck, we did, leaving all our gear there. when we reached the top of the canyon, we saw several objects that appeared to vibrate rapidly and moved horizontally. green and red body and what looked like a white tube attached to the bottom. for some reason i had the feeling it was sucking up something. we saw several of these during the drive to the paved road. just as we got to asphalt, we saw a small glowing red sphere off the side of the road, i stopped about 40 feet after i drove past it and had my wife shine the spotlight on it while i looked at it through my binoculars. when she turned the light on, it sort of exploded into 4 or 5 pieces. my wife yelled that something was coming over the hill behind us, to get moving. i looked in my rear view mirror to see a large luminous object directly behind us. i took off as fast as my truck would go. it was 10 miles to highway 666, between monticello and cortez, then another 10 miles to the highway patrol station outside of monticello. the object kept behind and above us until we reached the lights of the checking station. i pulled up to the station and ran in to tell them what had happened. they said a trucker had come through a couple of weeks before that night and told them a "helicopter" was harrassing him but when he slowed down to stop, the object came along the side of his truck then "disappeared". the highway patrol called the sheriff dept. and both of them followed us out to where we had camp set up. of course, there were no lights, nothing ! we gathered our gear and planned to sleep somewhere very near the highway patrol station then drive the 350 miles home the next day. at about 10 the next morning, we woke up sitting in the front of my truck about 1 mile from where we left our gear the night before. my wife asked if remember telling her to wake up and look at the doe that was looking at us through the windshield.

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