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Trenton, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 18. February 2017
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:01:00

Burning brush on my 7 acres about 8:00 saturday night 2-18-17 looking up at the stars like i usually do when taking brake,when i see a falling star i all ways watch it till it burns out or no longer can see it.This one caught my attention when i saw a flash of a light and i stayed looking at that spot and about 5 seconds it happened again ,had my eye on it this time and yes it looked like a distant star moving across the stars -not going fast like some do-it didnt change direction stayed on one path, it just would get as bright as if i shined a flashlight standing 5 feet away from you right in your eyes(in the dark) then it would dim back down to were i could hardly see it.To me it had to have a lot of energy to make that burst of light that bright and with in second's it go's back to original light. i watched it for at least a minute traveling through the night sky pulsating bright every 4-5 seconds and until i couldnt see it anymore. my feeling when i saw it - not surprised - i've seen stars follow one another before and turning 90degree and if that's us/humans that high up, then we all in for a shock. who ever reads this when your telling friends or someone that you saw something, night or day and you can't explain it and they think your stupid,tell them take 30 minutes out of a month for 4 months,take the kids out in the country at night ,look up into the stars.Ask how stupid they feel when they get back!

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