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Low, Quebec (Canada)

Sighted on Friday 05. February 2016
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 00:59:00

This occurred on february 5th, 2016, at 5:55pm eastern time. in low quebec, lac bernard area, cottage country. i was speaking with my partner as he was looking for his lost cat outside. he was standing outside the patio door. i noted 3 straight lights in a row in behind him coming over the trees. never have these lights been seen here as well as how low they were. we realized it was some sort of craft, drone, plane... it was dark, but going slow enough for us to run to front door and run out as it went over the house. we stood on the front porch as it went over us. we heard nothing but a very very faint hum. although we saw lights on it as it was coming towards us, when looking up underneath it, there was no lights at all. it was solid black. it covered a large area of our view and blocked out all the stars but also provided us a silhouette of the shape of the craft. it was triangular, but not a perfect triangle, more long then wide. we continued to watch in wonder and terrified, desperately trying to get pics or videos. some were obtained, but quality is so poor being it was night, all i have is the back lights as it left. the back lights had one red, and 2 others that looked white, one on each side of the red. the back lights did not appear parallel to each other as did the 3 white front ones. the craft continue over the house and kept following its path. it was huge, very huge however, deceiving as we could not gage the height. as i disappeared over the trees making no sound, we ran upstairs to try and follow it. we did see a blue orb ball like thing in the distance which seemed to come from it. it flew erratically close to it. we lost sight due to trees. the whole duration from the time we saw it to the time it was gone was no more than 15 minutes. after coming back downstairs, partner opened the front door, and our lost cat came into the house terrified, i have never seen a cat's eyes get to big and look so scared. we are glad our cat is back, however, cannot explain his return at that very moment or how he was found. i chose not to tell anyone in fear of being ridiculed. kept it to ourselves mostly... however, its been over a yer and it is bothering the hell out of me. i cant get it out of my mind. i relooked at pics, and videos, nothing is clear, you can hear the despair in the voices, however, the time frame of pictures covers 59 minutes. the issue lasted 15 minutes. i just dont get it and had to finally bring it to someone attention. i am hoping you can find out if there was a very large silent black drone in the area that night. thank you

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