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Glatton, Peterborough (United Kingdom)

Sighted on Monday 22. May 2017
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Shape: Orb | Duration: 20 minutes

I went out for an evening drive with my girlfriend, and went out Oundle way, down Bullock Road to the West of Glatton. It's a route I like to take often when the weathers good and I want to chill in the countryside not far from home. I'm not sure whether any readers of this are familiar with the large BT Tower out that way, it stands alongside a giant mast. Anyhow, I noticed a good few miles in the distance from there, a glowing light in the sky which appeared to be a very bright star at first, it then immediately burst into this extremely bright orb of orange haze. It got our attention instantly, and we were both in awe at how vivid it was. It must have been about 22:00 at this point. We followed it, as it was hovering above the horizon and moving behind a small woodland. I naturally started thinking of potential possibilities, planes, helicopters, chinese lanterns, flares, meteors and tower signal lights etc. However it was far to bright to be any of these, and lasted far too long in this specific area. As mentioned previously, it's a route I drive down regularly, so I'm familiar with what towers are in the distance, especially at night. We made our way towards Sawtry where it was literally beneath the horizon, in a field which had a steep decline inwards, and had about 4 pylons going through it. It just hovered past them, vibrantly orange. We tried making our way round the other side of the field, but by that time, it was gone. I most definitely felt an adrenaline rush and the question of "what on earth actually was it?" went through my mind once returning home. The way it moved made me believe it was under intelligent control. My girlfriend tried to capture it on her iPhone, but the lighting and distance of the object don't do it justice at all.

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