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Lusby, MD (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 13. July 2017
Reported on
Shape: Saucer | Duration: 10-15 minutes

Driving past weis, thunder and lightning struck and I saw a weird shape in the sky where the sky did not light up and I just ignored it. I went to shell for about 5 minutes and driving through the ranch club around sitting bull trl and gunsmoke ct I watched a slowly moving and spinning saucer fly above our vehicle with slowly flashing green lights on the back left and right side of the ufo (assuming those are the right placement by direction it traveled) and a solid red light in the front. As the lightning struck it became more and more evident of what was flying over. We pasted a strip of trees and the entire sky was clear except the stars and moon. The UFO looked about 60-70 feet in the air, a little bigger than our car from what I could see. And had the flashing green and solid red light. I thought it was a plane because the navy base is so close but when lightning struck and lit up the sky I knew what I saw.

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