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Northfield, OH

Sighted on Wednesday 25. May 2016
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Shape: Other | Duration: 15 minutes

I was on my way home from work and noticed a low flying craft in the sky. It moved extremely slow and at times would stop. I had to turn around a few times to try and keep a visual on the craft because the trees blocked me from seeing it when it moved. It was really low. Noiseless. It had a very bright white light in the center that appeared to be perfectly round. It looked rectangular with lights on each end that seemed duller than the center, but also bright. I really can't say what color the end lights were because the center light was so dominant. Because I couldn't identify it, I thought maybe it was a drone. I've never really seen a drone in person but I was trying to make some kind of identification. After 15 minutes of following the craft, I decided that I needed to get home. But as I started to head home, I noticed another car stopped in the middle of the street. I thought oh gosh, it's the cops and they must have seen me driving crazy trying to follow this thing but it wasn't. I assumed it was someone else who was watching this low flying craft that was barely moving. I took two pics out of my car window. Best I could get. I'm surprised that all u captured were lights that looked farther away than they were. I won't speculate as to what it was because I really don't know.((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides little contact information. PD))

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