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san jose, CA

Sighted on Thursday 18. May 2017
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 20 minutes

Red lighted object hovering for extended time, made fast moves then changed into a slightly transparent large saucer and flew upwards aOn may 18, 2017, at about 8:55 PM, i saw an object in the sky over the east foothills. It was red and shaped like an upside down "U". The red was very bright and it looked as if there were red dots (or lights) under each of the sides a bit less luminous. The object moved from a stationary position (hovering) to a straight down and out of my sight then returned to the same hovering position location. I first saw it at after several seconds. The object then made a fast move directly west (to my left) and the hovered..dropped down out of sight, then back up and a fast move back to the east to the original place I first saw it. I attempted to call my son at that time to get him to acknowledge I was not crazy but he did not answer. So I went back outside and it was still in the same place. I continued to watch it hover for at least 5 more minutes then it disappeared and I saw a huge circular object (that was at least 10 times the size of the original red object) glide up and out of the sky...the thing was dark but more like a shadow or almost invisible or like you could see through it and observe it at the same time. I am still in shock!

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Vallejo, California (United States) 2017-05-07 Sphere 00:00:30
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San Francisco, CA 2017-04-02 Sphere 2 minutes
Pleasanton, California (United States) 2017-04-01 Egg 00:02:00
San Jose, California (United States) 2017-03-12 Sphere 00:05:00
Sunnyvale, California (United States) 2017-03-12 Oval 00:00:20
Modesto, CA 2017-03-06 Circle 6 minutes
San Pablo, CA 2017-02-20 1 seconds
Hughson, California (United States) 2017-02-15 Star-like 00:00:25
Del Monte Forest, California (United States) 2017-02-14 Sphere 00:02:00
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San Francisco, California (United States) 2017-01-29 Teardrop
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San Jose, California (United States) 2017-01-01 Sphere 00:08:00
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Manteca, California (United States) 2016-12-31 Triangle 00:00:45
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American Canyon, California (United States) 2016-12-30 Bullet, Missile 00:04:00
Campbell, California (United States) 2016-12-28 Sphere 03:00:00
Half Moon Bay, California (United States) 2016-12-22 Circle 04:00:00
Redwood City, CA, United States 2016-12-21 Varying red/orange/white orb 1:10