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Nea Kallikrateia (Greece)

Sighted on Friday 28. July 2017
Reported on
Shape: orb | Duration: 15 minutes

Nea Kallikrateia, Greece, 28 July 2017, local time: 22:16 A red orb appeared in the sky. Thousands of witnesses as this time of year Nea Kallikrateia is full of tourists. It was coming towards the city, then all of a sudden it stopped and changed direction towards the south. Then a second one appeared. This one was even closer. It looked like a "hot" sphere. This too came close up to a point, then stopped and headed south. Then we thought a third one appeared but realized that was man-made: it was white instead of read and it had flashing lights (like every airplane and helicopter). It was a helicopter and it was absolutely CERTAIN that it went up as reconnaissance to identify the "burning spheres". It was going toward the second orb's path but turned around. Few minutes after the second red orb a third one. This one came so close to the city center that i sincerely started to worry. Then a helicopter appeared again (perhaps the same one) and performed the same reconnaissance maneuver. Then one more and one more red object. Five red objects in total. I don't know if it is related but two nights before the incident many fighter jets were flying without formation at a low altitude above Nea Kallikrateia.


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