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Anderson, South Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Monday 21. August 2017
Reported on
Shape: Square, Rectangular | Duration: 00:01:00

We were watching solar eclipse. it was at total stage. we looked around us to marvel at how dark it was, and how we began to see a few stars. my wife pointed out an object positioned at 3 o'clock from the sun. it was completely stationary. it was a tight pair of blue lights together. they would be replaced by red lights, two square lights in the same position - aside by side. they were tight; not like the lights on either end of a plane or helicoptor. they appeared to be squares. after about a minute, it became obscured by the clouds. the total eclipse faze ended, as did the sighting. as i type this, clouds still obscure the area of the sky where we saw it. i could not see an object behind or attached to the lights. it was pretty far away. the sequence they blinked was every second. it was as stationary and still as a radio tower. that's what my wife first thought it was, but there is no tower in that direction at all, much less high enough or close enough to be seen. i had left my camera in the building and grabbed my wife's to take a picture. by the time i typed in her password and found the camera app, it was totally obscured by clouds. i'm sending you what i took, because there is some kind of object showing, but it's covered by clouds and not very good.

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