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Boring Oregon

Sighted on Wednesday 16. August 2017
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Shape: Round then disk like | Duration: About 15 minutes total

I was watching tv and got up to go into kitchen and noticed a bright light out my window overlooking the back of the property. I was like wow that's bright! When I came back from kitchen I noticed it was still there just looked like it was hovering in same place. So I watched it for several minutes before looking for my binoculars. It took me several minutes before I found them, and when I looked at the object through my Binnos I couldn't believe what I saw!!! It looked like a disk shape with flames shooting out around it in a circular pattern. I could actually see the gassy flames!! Then I went to get my phone and came back and had to try a couple times to get my phone where u could see the image thorough my phones camera in the dark. I set my phone on the window sill and recorded it while I stood beside it looking through my binoculars. This little light kinda like a portal hole or something like lit up in the sky above the object to the left kinda and the object turned on its side like a disk would and these lights came out of each side of it one side red one side blue but they didn't seem to be connected together or connected to the object but more like rings around a planet appear. It started moving on its side towards the light and then it started flashing blue red bright yellowish green and moved up past the light and flashed a bunch of color and disappeared. It's hard to see it through my phones camera but I could see it very clearly through my Binnos and it was crazy!!!! E


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