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Ługi, Lubowidz, Lębork County (Poland)

Sighted on Friday 01. September 2017
Reported on
Shape: V | Duration: 5 minutes

Traveling on the road from Gdynia (Poland) to Koszalin from east to west just before city of Lębork in city of village Ługi next to BP oil station looking toward driving direction I saw an object with 3 lights (around time 20:03), one was blinking. As I approach the object the blinking light disappears and only 2 remain, from the closest distance I was it looked to be V shaped. It was moving slowly throughout view from right to left until it went out of view (I was still seeing it myself).On the video you can see a blinking dot on the right side of the road from 1:13 until 2:01 when it goes out of camera view. Just before this 5 minute sample I saw form distance another object which crossed the road above but a lot faster (maybe it was the same one).First I thought it is a small turist's aircraft, as I was approaching it I started thinking of maybe it is a helicopert unitl I saw its shape to be V due to relative small speed (small object moving slowly or large object far away moving fast?) I ran out of ideas about known to me planes. I could not catch any sound as my Golf GTI is very noisy. The weather was bad, started to rain, forecasts for this day were signaling turbulent weather over Poland I would be surprised if it was a sport airplane.


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