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North Canton, Ohio (United States)

Sighted on Monday 16. January 2017
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:07:02

To his left turni saw an orb follow my plane from akron canton airport since we picked up speed and height it accelerated to match the speed of the plane and was merely a bright flashing ball of light. similarly, on march 14th 2 am in dublin ireland i saw a group of what appeared to be balloons, but then merged then stretched to over 30 feet then changed into an oval. before it elongated it did a 90 degree right angle with no wind on a clear night against a backlit building with a bird doing circles around it, it came to me like an ameba or jellyfish, solid black line but i could see the stars through it, it had thin grey ring of smoke and two small equal size lights moving clockwise stopping for a second while at the same dimming; a second later these tiny rectangles got bright again then moved counterclockwise, and again dimmed and simply repeat, it stayed above me for several minutes, it took off northwest, so i turned around and it came back, this time it was a merkaba meeting up with five more all in a zigzag formation, and simply held position there for about 5 minutes and moved slowly gradually increasing and speed off like lightening. three weeks prior to this i encountered three two couples doing remote viewing on me on a train, no matter what part of the country i was in they just happen to be there, the man was 6.1 tall while the women much shorter. he drew 30 second sketches, then flipped his 8 x 10 pad and asked the women what she thought; they described my face, personality and thoughts. later i blocked them, another set of observers did the same thing and a disabled man made reference to them as working for the media. one week before i was to go back to the us, a group of et's in human form, knew i would be on a train and in what car, they were there before i arrived, even though my ticket purchase was random. since i told no one they knew the future. two of them pretended to me drinking a beer at the exit however they acted like military security. i sat in the last seat and to the right a man stared straight forward, when i asked this man several times what the next station was and he wouldn't respond i then noticed the whole train was suspect. four seats directly in front of me i saw a fat short man in a suit and to his left sat a tall woman. since there was clear glass above for luggage, i could see a great deal from the reflection. i made sure not to be looking up but from my peripheral notice this man pushing large numbered keys on what looked like a large phone the size of a telephone book, he spoke through a wired mic, and when he hit one button only he spoke instantly and since he was answering questions this was not a recording device. he spoke using legal nomenclature very and it tone was aggressive, he bounced ideas off the women, and again this was to find out my thoughts, feelings telepathically not using drawings. i decided to make a call to find out where my dog was taken after it was stolen, as soon as i said described the kind of dog it was and where i was calling my eyes rolled up and i heard the man start pushing buttons, again speaking to groups of people, one button at a time. moments later the women to his left told the guy chopping away thoughtlessly on his meg phone 10 x 12 four inches high, that “i was playing him” and i was too. i got scared and decided to stand by the two guys at the exit; they asked me where i was headed, and if i was getting off at the next station. i replied i was departing, when the train stopped i got out and they pretended to be waiting for me so at the last second i jumped back on, and returned to my seat. now since i heard they wanted to harm me when i arrived at one place, i pretend not to be eager to jump off fearing i’d gain another tail. so, when the train came to a full stop, the man next to me that never spoke, waved his arm and hand in a circular motion and said in a condescending slow creepy tone, “have a nice day” knowing full well only us people say that and he was irish. when, i got off the train, i jumped the tracks and one guy at the ticket office dialed a number and as he was speaking was following me with his head and eye describing me. after running mile, i decided to go back, and when i was on the platform two train agents asked me why i jumped off then on then off again, which is highly unusual for ireland. i simply replied i couldn’t determine if my ticket was still valid and they walked away. i knew they were not human and all telepathic, i could tell the people around the train station were controlled by them and this later on was backed up when i was taken aboard a space craft and taken to a few planets. i was instructed, my observations about the earth were correct and i was being helped. i was told to warn people about certain events and i took a photo inside the craft of mars and the moon, both have bases. earth has had laser weapons for a long time and i was told that visitors are shot down because this is a prison planet, and in as much as we think we are being helped that is totally false, humans are a cattle to many groups of et’s hence the rockefellers have a vested interest in the spiritual movement, they control all media, all legal systems etc… in one giant conspiracy. in dingle i was told by a women shop owner i had a yellow aura and she and her friends could see it. i subsequently found it was only broadcasting too much. i did find it rather easy to block the remote viewers thoughts and even permanently turn their brains to mush. one of them even grabbed his head as i was doing this claiming i wasn’t a nice person. i was tired of them. in dingle, i noticed a bird flashing on a clear day about 12 noon, i thought nothing of it except of its circular pattern because some birds there do appear to shine in light, but at a distance of 500 feet it simply vanished. later that evening, again this was a month ago, i want to a remote pub had one beer, and a very old man came up to me, normally i am good listener, however, in this instance his face being only two feet from mine i notices his face change, his eye’s go from round pupils to slits again and again, he walked away and i wasn’t scared just wowed at what i just saw. so, all in one year, two orbs, five transparent ships, et’s, abductions… it really set me a-back. because i was really never into et’s although i did attend a conference once at university in the 90’s. but in 1996 while on a date just about to enter a movie theater, i head clicking and felt like someone or thing blasted me with a mega drug. only when i heard dr. greer talk about fake alien abductions and his symptoms getting hit by a strong energy device last year did i know that it has happen to me for years. i even told doctors, got tests and would always get a clean bill of health. funny enough, only when i refused to join the illuminati and zionist at a secret meeting at dublin castle was i targeted. i also refused to head up and ngo in syria because i knew what they were up too. after that, i was targeted. in retrospect there have been a lot of so-called coincidences, my brother killed in 06, my best friend and prominent business owner assonated in 92, etc. they even stole my dog… at this point i want out of this game. i refuse to play anymore. since they can control virtually every detail like the movie “the truman show” i am tired, i don’t want to ever return to earth, nor even be born. in fact, if i had it my way i’d simply prefer to never have came into existence. every step of the way has been tweaked for them or it or whatever they are. i hear promises again and again but it like democracy, all fakery, all lies. i am self aware now! do you people get it, experiment over, and since i have f*** them all off, this is my end and i will never be recycled here, and if one bails it means curtains for the rest, but i am out of patients, and now the earth will die and everyone in it because i don’t care. i came from nothing, i was a blank stupid slow etc, then i realized as a boy i was being intentionally hindered like cattle or sheep, all for an experiment. one doesn’t have to look to far for evil. so, best of luck here. these words are my promise to myself at death, i will have never existed nor will i ever have in all timelines all universes; i will never existed and the creator of souls will never know; i am erasing all my experiences and all thought and if they ever try to reconstitute me this universe will never have existed. f*** this planet! when i leave i can only hope the creator of souls gets a little payback from the dark forces, not with my help but by its own greedy pleasure. i either get my ship and leave or i just watch and do zero. the eyes of eight, what a bunch of cunts, i hope all universes and all things in all of them erase this universe because i refuse to be in it, it is a lost cause. cheers!

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