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Boring, Oregon (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 03. September 2017
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration:

My sister and i were standing outside about 11pm and watching the sky, because the night before my dad and his gf witnessed a bunch of ufo's around that time in same area. we noticed some bright orb like lights right above the tree lines in se direction. they would get really bright then fade out again and kinda moving like from the left to the right they would disappear for a few moments before returning again. we couldn't tell if the tree line was hiding them or what. then they started to flash color greenish bluish orangish and appeared to be coming closer all of a sudden. and we ran inside house scared. we got some binoculars and went back outside a few moments later and right when i walked outside, after shutting off all exterior lights on home i looked to my right twards our neighbors field in the sw direction, & there was what appeared to be around 6 or so bright white lights which appeared at ground level or pretty close. it wasn't moving, just staying in one place so bright i couldn't see anything else in that direction except light and the lights. i yelled for my sister to get outside now and she came out and i asked her what she thought it was. she thought it was the lights from a billboard sign down on the highway. i looked at it thro the binnos, and it looked just like a disk shape ufo. with 3 lights, i'd guess, on the right and the same on the left side. i took out my phone and joking took a short video and made a alien like voice saying " we come in peace" & she said "et phone home" and then the lights just shut off and it was black and we both ran inside and locked all door freaked out. when we went back outside about 20 minutes after we could now see the billboard sign lights down the hill on the highway and knew that the lights we seen were defintley not from the billboards. living on the property for over 34 years we've become pretty accustomed to the normal lights in the night sky. all of a sudden we hear this like robotic kinda static like muffled sound we couldn't tell where it was coming from. we ran inside again and went to the back yard this time and looking records the east we saw a flashing red and green light right in the tree line it was flashing in about 30 second intervals .

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